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Avoiding Summer Brain Drain with Galileo Camps

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Hi there!!!

I'm so sorry I've been MIA. I've just been SO. DARN. BUSY. I know I said I was going to try to post more, but I just haven't had time to. But I'm squeezing in this quick post before I put the kids to bed. It's already almost 8:30, so this is going to be quick!!!

It's kind of crazy that we already have to think about SUMMER CAMP!!! It's only February 18th! It SNOWED yesterday!!! But, lots of camps are already taking registration and filling up!
My #1 attended 2 camps last summer and he had the BEST TIME at both. He has been talking about going back to science camp ever since he left!!! He absolutely LOVED attending Camp Galileo's Nebula program last summer. Every day he would come back from camp RAVING about the activities he did and the games they played. Not only did they have lots of indoor science activity, they had lots of outdoor time, running around and playing team games. There is no question that we will be sending him back again this summer for their Stars program. We will also probably send #2, as she will be 5 in April and old enough to attend camp also.
Now that our kids are all in school all day long, we want to make sure that they don't lose everything they've been working on all school year. Did you know that "on average, students lose 2 months of reading skills over the summer"? #1 has been working SO HARD on his reading this year and #2 has really gotten a great grasp on her phonics. And I'll be honest - I'm not the best at keeping them working on educational things at home. I like to keep them busy, yes. But I like to get them out of the house being active. I'm not great about keeping them working on educational things. So a camp like Galileo is great! It will keep their brains moving, but also their bodies!
It will take 2-3 hours of learning activities per week to prevent any summer "brain drain." (LINK) Galileo Camps fill this need and then some! Let's be honest - it takes the pressure off of me!!! They are having fun AND learning and helping keep them prepped for the upcoming school year.

I love that I can send my kid to camp and he can learn AND have fun!!! #1 LOVES to learn. It's kind of ridiculous. He's seriously the most curious kid. He wants to know how everything works. This camp is perfect for him! #2 needs a little more...motivation. I think Camp Galileo will be great for her as well. Galileo works to incorporation seven components of creativity into their programing.
Courage, collaboration and determination are just a few. I want to see my #2 be brave in asking questions and trying out new activities. I want to see her work well with other children and I want her to work with full intention of achieving her goals. These are characteristics that #1 naturally possess. But #2 needs a little more of a push. I think a camp like this will be great for her.
Camp Galileo sent #1 this activity to do. It had no instructions. It was so fun to watch him tinker around with the parts to see what he could creates. In the end, he created a "CD Player" with using a few other thing from around the house.
One of #1's classmates was in his camp group last year, so I'm hopeful that some more of his school friends will join him this year! If you'd like to join him also, click HERE to register and use code INNOVATE18 at checkout to receive $30 off your week! I hope I'll see some of you there!!!

Until next time!



Hey 2018!!! And - Stage Mom Life

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Hi there!!!
This is actually my first blog post of 2018! I don't have any grand resolutions to proclaim. I never keep them anyway. But I can say 2017 was a really good year, and I'm hoping 2018 is just the same for my whole family.

I just figured I'd write a post about what I did today, because my #1 took some cute photos of my top for me and he had a pretty busy day himself.
Many of you know, my kids model occasionally. They all have an agent and have worked for local Midwest brands such as Kohl's and Sears. They don't get called often, but that's ok. But I try to take any opportunities they are offered because obviously I think my kids are the cutest in the whole world LOL!
Today #1 booked a job modeling HOSPITAL GOWNS. It was not what I was expecting. He wasn't either. And let me tell you he was NOT happy when he put the first gown on LOL! He said it looked like a dress. 
He went into his shoot with a BAD attitude.
I had to remind him that he was being paid to be there and to keep telling the crew he wasn't having fun was disrespectful. I also explained to him WHY child-size hospital gowns are needed. He is a really empathetic child, and when he heard that there are sick kids who look for gowns like the ones he was modeling as a little bit of happiness for them during their hospital stay, he straightened out. He's really the best kid.
He did a great job. They actually loved his wild ways, and let him pose however he wanted.
So after we left, I asked him to earn an extra pack of fruit snacks by snapping some shots of my top for my blog. Of course he did a great job, as always. This red top from Eloquii is available now for under $17! And there is a burgundy version that is on sale for 40% off if you use the code DAY2!!! So get to shopping!!!
Why on earth would I use another photographer??? He has the most reasonable rates ever! All he asks for as compensation is CANDY LOL!!!
 I'm actually thinking of giving him his own camera and starting him an Instagram of his own! He's really a phenomenal child. He always gives his all when he's given a task. We could all take lessons in hard work from this kid!
We took these shots in the parking lot of a townhouse sub-division. That building in the background is the nursing home where his photo shoot took place.

After we'd already arrived home, I got a voicemail from his agent telling me that we'd forgotten his backpack at the shoot. Which was in Milwaukee. 1.5 hours from our house. It was too late to go back, even though he asked me to. He really wanted his favorite National Geographic books that were inside. But he knows he just has to be patient. I'll get it back for him as soon as possible.

I always say this, but I'll try to blog more!!! I just find that I have a hard time getting posts done when I have so many other responsibilities. But, I will TRY!!

Until next time!



Fave Holiday Pieces

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Hi there!!!
Christmas is a week away!!! I can't even believe it! This year has FLOWN by! And - I haven't bought one single Christmas gift. Well, nothing for anyone else. I've bought plenty of things for myself LOL! Check out my Gift Guide for some a hint of some of the items I've gotten for myself :)

I'll be honest - I love to buy myself holiday outfits LOL! This year I've kind of held back and plan to recycle items from last year. But I have purchased a few really festive pieces that I wanted to share in case your struggling for ideas on what to wear. They are super affordable and could arrive before Christmas if you order ASAP.

First up is this jumpsuit from Fashion To Figure. I wore this in Jamaica on Thanksgiving night. It was meant to be for a special date night for husband and I but our plans were thwarted by a fire. I'll find another night to wear this though. I think NYE would be a PERFECT occasion for something this bold!
BTW - my mom HATED this and told me to take it off. But my husband LOVED it! That's all that matters. I also got a ton of compliments wearing this sound the resort on Thanksgiving. Don't be afraid of it!!! Once it's on, you will feel so sexy!
I have been OBSESSED with this velvet blazer from BooHoo. I've worn it 3 weekends in a row. No joke. I know it's pink, but so what! It's so fun and soft and comfy and bright! I think it's perfect for any holiday celebration!
This was the outfit I bought for our holiday card photos. It's from Target!!! My favorite place, really :) I LOVE these wide leg crushed velvet pants by Mossimo. The matching blazer is fun, but for me, both pieces together were overkill. I think the blazer would pair better with jeans. I wore the pants sans jacket for our photos and then for the rest of the day brunching and shopping with friends. 
I'm wearing a XXL in the pants because I have a ginormous booty.

I also love this simple Soft Blazer by Mossimo. I've worn this twice already since I got it also! You can dress it up or down for any holiday occasion and red works for everything this season!
Leopard is a little less traditional for the holidays, but I think it works. Especially when paired with these sequin pants from Eloquii!
These pants are adorable and fit like a dream! Even with my 5" heels! Personally, I would wear this for ANY holiday party! The sequins on the pants make this outfit so fun and festive! A favorite for sure!

Last, but definitely not least by any means, is this wrap dress from Eloquii!!! It's currently only available in Gold, but TRUST ME! It's just as gorgeous! And this dress will hug all your curves in just the right way. I wore this for the WGCI Ladies of Success brunch, and then again the next day for this shoot. And if I go anywhere for NYE, I think I'll try this again! It's seriously he PERFECT little black dress for my body type. My booty looked GREAT!!! LOL!!!! I think I'm going to grab the gold one also because it's currently 40% off!

So that's it! My fave pieces for the holidays! If you try any, tag me in your photos when you wear them!!!! I love to see your fab outfits!!!

Until next time,


The Glam Mom's 2017 Favorite Things Gift Guide

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Some items in this post were received
for free, but all opinions are my own.
This post contains affiliate links.
Hi there!

A preview of what's coming...
It's been forever since I've done a gift guide. So, I figured I would do one now!

The holidays are coming up so fast, so I figured I'd share some of the things I've received this year that I LOVE (and a few things I'm really dying for) to give you some ideas you can pass on to the man in your life LOL!

I'll start with the small stuff. These things can work as super easy stocking-stuffers.
If you didn't already know it, now you know that Black Cherry Merlot from Bath and Body Works is THE. BEST. scent that they carry. You can grab candles, lotion, hand sanitizer - basically anything they sell - in this scent. You're welcome.
I am NOT a foodie at all, but I do like to go out to restaurants for gown-up time with my husband. A gift card to Ruth's Chris, Texas De Brazil, or even The Cheesecake Factory will NEVER go unused in our house! You can even print some at home! Think about sticking one in someone's stocking. It's easy, affordable and most likely won't go to waste! And just an FYI - if you have a Sam's Club Membership, consider buying your gift cards there because you will get a discount. They even custom ordered one for a restaurant they didn't regularly carry for my mom. Super cool!
I received this sample in one of my monthly beauty boxes (Either Ipsy or BeautyCon, I don't remember which) and I have been using it like CRAZY!!! It smells So. Freaking. Good!!! I'll be honest - I'm not a huge fan of coconut scents, but this smells more vanilla to me, so it's all good. I love it!  You can buy it as an individual tube or as a gift set from Amazon.

Now, here are a few items that are medium sized and/or at mid-range pricing.
GlamGlow Skincare Products
This is one of the things that I don't have that I'm kind of dying to try. I'm so lazy about skin care, but I really want to be better about keeping my face youthful. I've heard nothing but great things about GlamGlow, and I would LOVE to try out some of their products. This little gift set seems like a good place to start. Its for all skin types and is supposed to help with blemishes and oily skin. The full-sized products are a bit pricey, so this looks like a reasonably priced way to test out a few things and see how they work. Fingers crossed this is under my tree this year!!! (Husband, are you taking notes??? LOL!)
I know that many who are reading this have already seen this and have the sense of humor to appreciate it. Click the photo to go directly to to purchase the one I have, or click below for a different version.
You all know I LOVE makeup! I will try any new product. This year I've tried to hold back on purchasing too much because I already have SO MUCH I haven't used!!! But here are a few things I've picked up that I think any beauty lover would appreciate under the tree this year.

Farsali Unicorn Essence and Rose Gold Elixir

Rose Gold Elixir                             Unicorn Essence
I think anyone that's spent any time on Instagram has seen girls squiring unicorn tears down their face before they apply their makeup. It looks so pretty LOL! The Unicorn Essence is water based and works as a good primer for makeup application. The Rose Gold Elixir is a serum packed with vitamins and 24K gold flakes to give you a radiant glow. You can buy full size or mini versions. I LOVE them both!!! I use the Rose Gold Elixir at night.
I think every girl alive hopped on the Fenty bandwagon as soon as it was released. With 40 foundation shades and super fun highlighters, how could any beauty lover resist??? I'm still using my products DAILY. And I haven't had to replace anything. Nothing. I've linked a few of my faves that will work for most skin tones.
Huda Beauty Lip Contour
I've been obsessed with Huda Kattan for years, well before Huda Beauty took off. I will say it again and again - Huda makes THE BEST lash glue EVEEEEERRRRR!!! And I've been using my Lip Contour Kit a LOT. She makes good products that all women can use.

I could link a hundred more products, but these are some more recent favorites, so I'll just leave it at this for now.

Google Home Mini
I've posted about Google Home a few times this year, but seriously - we LOVE it and use it daily! There are still so many features we haven't learned how to use, but we enjoy it just using the basics like playing music and asking questions. And best of all - the Mini is on sale for $30!!!

And now, for the big stuff.

I know not everyone can afford these types of items, but if you can make the splurge, the one you love will greatly appreciate them!

I got these sunglasses in the spring and I'm STILL obsessed with them. I think EVERYONE should have these. Yes, they are pricey, but if you take good care of them, they will last for a long time and you'll always look fabulous! Plus remember, sunglasses keep you from squinting, which means less wrinkles LOL!

I'm a HUGE fan of Visonworks! They have such a fabulous selection of designer frames. I purchased 2 pairs of glasses from there earlier this year and am still obsessed with them and get compliments on them regularly. I'm trying out a few new pairs of frames from them by Zac Posen and a new pair of sunglasses by Penguin and they are so gorgeous!!! My mom tried convincing me to give the Verushkas, but I just can't part with them!!! These frames are so fabulous! If you have a glasses-wearer in your life, consider helping them out with a new pair of frames from Visionworks. Glasses can be expensive and I know I would LOVE to receive an awesome pair as a gift!!! Vision benefits expire at the end of the year, so make sure you get your eye exam in at Visionworks before the New Year!!! You can just walk in for an exam, and get a pair of these gorgeous glasses for yourself! The Zac Posen frames are 40% off right now!
I wrote about this mirror last winter and guess what - I've used it every. single. day, since I got it. The built-in lighting helps me keep my makeup in check! It's easy to move around and charges up just like a cell phone. And lately I've been making more videos and it's been super helpful for that. This isn't the kind of gift that EVERYONE will appreciate. But if you have a beauty lover in your life, it's definitely something that they will use and love. Plus it's cheaper this year than it was last year!

I'm sure you have at least one friend who sells Rodan & Fields and has been trying to convince you test this product. I'm telling you to do it. Buy it for yourself or for someone you love. IT WORKS!!! Use it consistently and you won't be disappointed, I promise!!! Below are my results from using for 5 months only a few days a week. Imagine if I used it as directed?!?! My lashes would be insane!!! Treat someone you love to this product. Connect with my girl Sarah to do it - I've linked her below!

I know this is a HUGE investment, but what could possibly make a girl happier than a lovely handbag.
I was lucky to receive two amazing bags this year  - one I got through making a bet with my husband - he bet with the wrong girl LOL! And in all seriousness, I'd rather receive one gift card to a luxury store to put toward a nice purchase than a bunch of little items or even jewelry. Handbags are statement pieces. Just stick to a classic brand and style. This type of gift will make any woman happy - for a long time!!! 

OK - that's it. I could go on and on about the things I love, but I'm tired. 

I hope you'll consider grabbing some of these things for the ones you love! If you do, let me know which ones and how happy they were to receive them!!! 

Until next time!


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