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Auction Fun with TopHatter!

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These items were provided to me at a discount, but all opinions are my own.
Hi there!
I love an auction. I'm ALWAYS auctioning things on Facebook! It helps me clear out things I'm not using and also make a little cash back. 

I also like to buy things from auctions. And the lower the price the better!

So let me tell you about Tophatter.

Tophatter is the world's fastest, most entertaining marketplace, with live online auctions every day in a wide variety of categories.

The fun thing about this site? Each auction only lasts 90 SECONDS!!! So you have to be FAST!!!

And a lot of items have super low starting bids - as low as $1!

Would you believe I got all of the items in this photo for under $14 each???
This adorable turtle bracelet was only $8!  I won the auction for $1, shipping was $7.  I plan to give it to my daughter on her birthday! She will love it! 
This pretty ring - $13. I won the auction at $10 and shipping was $3.
This SmartWatch. $14!!!!!!! I won the auction at $10 and shipping was $4.

I've always wanted a smart watch!!! But I'm cheap, so $14 is a price that is just fine by me!!! I've linked it to my Samsung Galaxy S7, but I was only able to test out making phone calls - which worked just fine! But it says I need a SIM card in order to use the internet or take photos, so I need to visit my provider to see if I can make it work without paying extra fees. I'll keep you posted on how it works!  

There are all sorts of fun things up for fast auction on Tophatter! Jewelry, clothes, makeup - I've even seen those crazy charcoal masks up for auction!!!  
I'm going to keep an eye on this site. It's fun! Because the auctions are so short, there is always something new to see. And the rush of competing for an item - I just love that!

Check it out!  If you buy something, let me know!!! 

Until next time,



Medieval Times Trip and GIVEAWAY!!! (Chicago Castle Only)

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These tickets were provided free of charge, but all opinions are my own. 
Hi there!
If you live in the Chicagoland area, it's unlikely you've never heard of Medieval Times. Who hasn't driven by that castle a billion times on I-90?!  
It seemed like this horse walked on it's hind legs forever! So cool!
Until 2016, I hadn't been to Medieval Times since I was in high school! But my mom decided she wanted to go for her birthday. We went with the whole family and had a great time! So I was excited to be invited back to see another tournament!

This time I went with my friends, Kellie and Teka as kind of a birthday outing for Kellie's birthday.  It was so fun!
We sat right up front to root for the Yellow Knight! We enjoyed our food, which consisted of Dragon's Blood Soup and hot chicken which you of course eat with you hands, just like you would back in the Medieval Times!
Even though our section rooted hard, our Knight did not win the tournament. Blue prevailed. That's ok - we still had a great time! 
So now for the fun part! Medieval Times wants to give one of my readers a 4-pack of tickets to attend an upcoming Dinner and Tournament!!!

It's super easy to enter!!! Just follow these steps - 
a Rafflecopter giveaway That's it! So easy to enter!  

This giveaway will end on March 15, 2017.  Please only enter if you are within driving distance to the Medieval Times Chicagoland Castle.

I'll announce the winner at 9PM CST on 3/15/17.  Good luck!!!

Until next time,



The Glam Mom Style Feature #6 - LuLaRoe Tiffany Parsons

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Hi there!

I'm back with another mama you want to get to know!
You all know I love me some LuLaRoe! While I'm not longer a consultant (sad face), I still shop a ton of groups. I belong to the *GASP* No Rules LuLaRoe BST group and saw a few of Tiffany's styling photos and just HAD to follow her on Instagram!

I really love how she pieces her outfits together. If you're looking for some great color combo and pattern-mixing inspiration, Tiffany is your GIRL! 

Learn about her below:

Tiffany parsons


Hope Mills, NC

Lularoe Retailer / Graphic Designer
Number of Children

Favorite item you are wearing today
My rose floral Randy T

Favorite Handbag Brand
Prada and LeSportsac

Favorite Shoe Brand

Favorite Makeup Brand

Favorite colors to wear (makeup and/or clothing)
Mustard, Teal, Red
Your Signature Style 
Leggings and a Carly Dress 

Must Have Beauty Products for Every Day
Anastasia Brow definer pencil and contour palette and Marc Jacobs Mascara
How long does it take you to get ready each morning?
An hour and a half

Your Personal Beauty/Fashion Philosophy
Do you boo! Embrace the season you are in. 
You guys - I would NEVER have thought to layer a Carly over a Julia.  It's so smart and super adorable! Tiffany's IG is always giving me ideas!!!

So, join Tiffany's shopping group and 
And be sure to follow her on Instagram 
for regular styling photos:

Until next time,



My First Smoothie With Mossum Sea Moss

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Hi there!
I've never had a smoothie before this.  I know some people might think that's weird, but listen - for being a chubby girl, I really don't like a lot of food. And hearing smoothies made with yogurt and kale freak me out! So I've just always avoided them.

When I received this sea moss to try from Mossum Body, I had no idea what to do with it!  I went straight to Pinterest and saw a ton of smoothie recipes.  But I didn't want a smoothie!!!

So I went to Facebook and asked my friends. And guess what they suggested.  You got it - smoothies.  So after a TON of recommendations I decided to just give it a go.

My roadblocks - I don't eat yogurt and I don't like bananas.  But that's ok, because the Mossum Sea Moss has thickening properties that would make up for that.  I tried one version and neither my husband or I liked it much, so I had to try again and switch up the ingredients.

After all of the suggestions I received, this is what I ended up with:

1 cup of sweetened vanilla almond milk
1 cup of fresh strawberries
1 cup of fresh pineapple chunks
1 cup of frozen peach slices
1 teaspoon of agave nectar
2 tablespoons of Mossum Sea Moss

And you know what - I actually LIKED it!!!  I would drink it again.

Besides getting a good serving of fruit (or vegetables if you're braver than I am!) adding the Mossum adds a little bit of protein and other vitamins and minerals such as potassium, magnesium, beta-carotene, calcium and  vitamins A, B and C.

Mossum is a Chicago-based company and I'm all about supporting local business!  Also - the founder Kim Jean is from the Caribbean and I love that since my mommy is Jamaican.  Sea Moss (also knows as Irish Moss) is an ingredient that many in the Caribbean use regularly, so I was happy to try something that my mom used to eat when she was growing up.  

Give it a try!  You can order this brand from

And - Thank you to everyone who gave me recommendations! Vanessa, Wendy, Joelle, Mellenie of Fluffy Ain't For Me, Linda, Charity, Priya, Jen G, Lorna, Jessica G,...I had a lot of input! There were so many more that tried to help me! Thanks everyone for all the input!
Until next time!


evian® Facial Spray Video Challenge

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This product was sent to me for review but all opinions are my own.
Hi there!
I was given the chance to test out  evian® Facial Spray and it's so nice! It's a micro-droplet mist of natural spring water that can simply refresh your skin or refresh your makeup after a long day. That's what I use it for.  
After a day out with my family for lunch, ice cream and a hike around a nature trail, I felt like my face needed a nice refresher.  I'd been wearing a full face of makeup all day and we'd been all over the area spending time in the brisk air.  I was feeling a bit dry and wanted an extra glow.  So I pulled out my evian® Facial Spray and gave my face a quick spritz.
Worked wonders! I instantly felt refreshed and got my glow back.  

This product can be used for so many purposes! Apply before and after your daily makeup routine, help wake yourself up after you've been staring at your computer screen all day, soothe your skin after waxing, you can even use it on your baby's bottom! Whatever you want!  

evian® Facial Spray comes in different sizes, including a 3oz travel size.  Check it out at any local drugstore or at

Until next time, 


🎶It's The Most Terrible Time Of The Year🎶

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Hi there.

Today I started singing a little ditty, so I figured I'd share - 

To the tune of "It's the most wonderful time of the year"

🎶It's the most TERRIBLE time of the year
All their fevers are spiking
And everyone's crying
There's puke everywhere!
It's the most TERRIBLE time of the year.🎶

That's as far as I got because I'm far too tired to use my brain anymore. Maybe one day I'll finish the song. But probably not. 

Seriously - this season fucking sucks.

My kids have been sick since MLK Day. Literally, an entire month.

Someone has vomited every single week since then.

Someone has had a fever, a cough, something. It's been a nightmare.

MLK Day took me an hour to clean up the puke mess. I sprayed bleached my kids sheets and mattress. I didn't give a FUCK.

A few days later my girl wandered into our room and puked right next to me. I was so tired, I didn't even hear it. Then I guess she wandered over to my husbands side of the bed and puked loud enough over there to wake him up. Thankfully I didn't step in the pile of vomit she left for me when I got out of the bed!!!!

My 2 year old puked on me while I was in the main office of my 5 year old's school. That wasn't embarrassing or anything... 

Turns out he had the stomach flu. He puked and pooped for 4 days. Holy nightmare.
Less than 10 minutes after this photo he puked all over me. 
The following week we discovered there's such a thing as perianal strep. Yes, you read that right. Never heard of it? Google it. It's weird and my little girl didn't sit on her bottom for 2 days. 

Took our 2 year along to that doctor appointment because he was coughing and mildly feverish. Turned out he had an ear infection. So, that was awesome.

I took a break and went to NY for two days. Thankfully all my kids were just fine while I was gone. Guess they were just saving all their sickness for when I got back.
BABY!!! My new nephew is so so so cute!!! I miss having a tiny baby. 
But this sick stuff sucks so bad - I'm not having any more!!!
No seriously, no one was sick for a full week so I finally got to meet my nephew who had been born 3 weeks prior but I couldn't go because we were all so infected with gross germs that we had to stay away. Man, is he CUTE!!!! I'm glad I got to go because - 

This last weekend - a long weekend with freaking 65+ degree weather in February, my #2 got what we know assume is the FLU!  She was down for 2 days with a 103 fever and random vomiting. Ugh.  
Today, #1 woke up with those same symptoms. We took him to the doctor to rule out strep because when I wrote his teacher that he would be absent, she let me know that a student who had vomited in his classroom while we were at the school for an event was diagnosed with strep. No strep.  The doctor said it's the flu.

After 48 hours of being fever free, #2 is now back up to a 101.2 fever with a hacking cough. SERIOUSLY?  SERIOUSLY!?!?!?! Can we just catch a friggin' break?!?!?!

I walked around today bleaching any surfaces I could. I even went into the toy box and tried to clean as many toys as I could. Never felt the need to do that before.  But I'm bleaching the fuck out of everything now.

I can't WAIT for spring! 


I hate this time of year.

The end.


The Glam Mom Style Feature #5 - Emily Schiller, The Style DuJour!

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Hi there!

So, I started this feature way back when I first started blogging, but I let it go just because I was finding it difficult to approach moms with amazing "street style". I'm pretty shy!  So, I've decided to re-vamp and drop the "street" and just feature mamas who have great style! This time around, I want to introduce Emily of The Style DuJour!  
I connected with Emily a few months after I started my blog in 2015 when we collaborated on a jewelry giveaway. She's since moved on from sharing jewels on Instagram to sharing really fabulous fashion! You will want to follow her  - she's stylish, gorgeous, and her photos are really beautiful also!

Learn a few things about Emily below:




Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, former PR girl and current work-from-home mom

Number of Children
Two littles under four. My current (and most demanding) clients, Teddy and Sloane.
Favorite item you are wearing today
A light pink mohair Cole Haan coat I just discovered at T.J.Maxx on the clearance rack. I love finding these kind of treasures when shopping! 
Favorite Clothing Brand 
I’m not sure If I have one specific brand I love, but when it comes to favorite stores, Zara and Anthropologie probably tie as the stores I could spend all day at. I adore Zara’s European-influence and how they make designer runway trends accessible. I love the bohemian and whimsical style of Anthropologie apparel, accessories and cute things for the home. 

Favorite Handbag Brand
Chanel (lust). 
Kate Spade and Rebecca Minkoff (must).  
Zara is my go-to for fun statement bags. 

Favorite Makeup Brand 
M.A.C. and Smashbox have always been staples for  for foundation and powders, but most recently I’ve added Julep and E.l.f. to my makeup kit. I also recently discovered  www.ShopMissA, a makeup retailer which sells everything for $1. This is my new go-to spot to experiment with different colors, shades and finishes.

Favorite colors to wear
Hands down navy and black. Forget the faux pas, I like wearing these two colors together because even a pair of leggings and a t-shirt will look polished. I typically add a pop of color, whether that’s in my jewelry, a pretty neck scarf, handbag or coat. And stripes! I love anything with stripes. It’s such a classic detail. 

Your Signature Style
High-waisted culotte style pants have been on rotation for me all year. They work all-season - just add a bootie or tall boot for these colder months – and they make me feel more polished and dressed without any added effort. On a typical school day with the kids, I’ll wear H&M high-waisted denim culottes with a grey or black sweater, neck scarf and low-heel booties.
Must Have Beauty Products for Every Day 
My skin routine is all about hydrating and repair right now because this winter weather is so rough on my skin! I use e.l.f. bubbling hydrating mask as a cleanser, followed by an antioxidant serum (from Trader Joe’s) and Advanced Clinicals Argan Oil Intensive Beauty cream. At night, I’ll also use a coconut oil on my hands, cuticles and even the ends of my hair to help hydrate overnight. When it comes to makeup, my day-to-day routine has to be really quick. As long as I have some mascara, tinted face lotion and a bit of cream blush, like Julep’s Skip the Brush in Golden Guava, I’m good to go!

How long does it take you to get ready each morning?
I typically have about ten minutes to get ready while my kids are playing. If I can manage to wake up before my little ones, I’ll have about 30 minutes. Let’s just say I stock up on dry shampoo!

Celebrity's Style You Admire
Olivia Palermo (all hands in the air emoji!) She always looks effortlessly chic. She’s the definition of street style perfection in my book. 
Why You Love Being a Glam Mom
Honestly, I love being a mom and If I can look and feel glam on some days, that’s just icing on the cake to me!

There you have it!  Now make sure you follow Emily all over social media!





Thanks Emily for being willing to be featured!  

Until next time, 

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