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5 Years Ago Today

Hi there!

Today is our 5 year wedding anniversary.  5 years went by in a FLASH!!!  We seriously talk about our wedding all the time like it was just yesterday.  My dad watches our video regularly.  In my opinion, it was the best wedding in history.  And I'm not exaggerating.  It was great!  Ask anyone who was there, they will tell you!  So. Much. Fun.

Our wedding was a long time coming.  We'd been together 9 years when we finally tied the knot.  There was a lot of planning and a lot of stress, but in the end it was worth it.

We had some major hiccups during the planning, and a LOT of tears were shed.  There was some fighting.  There were some broken relationships. But, after being married for 5 years, there's very little I would change about how everything played out.

Looking back through the photos is so nice. There are 1900, so it took some time! But, it's beautiful to see all of our closest family and friends all together in one place.  Some of those family members and friends are no longer with us, so it's nice to bring back memories of those who have passed and see smiles on their faces surrounded by loved ones.

It's been a busy 5 years for us!!!  I left my teaching job, we've had 3 children, bought a house, Andrew's business is doing amazing.  We have truly been blessed, and I don't usually say that as I'm not super religious so it seems inappropriate. But, it's true.  Blessed is the right word.  I'm so grateful for my husband and these last, not just 5 but, 14 years.  It's been full of excitement and love and I'm extremely lucky.

I just wanted to share a few of my favorite photos from our day 5 years ago.  Like I said, I have 1900 professional photos, plus my own personal photos, so it's hard to choose just a few!  But here is a random selection.

 My shoes and bouquet. The shoes are by Calvin Klein
 I couldn't decide on jewelry, so I just brought it all!  I ended up with the crystal set since the theme of the wedding was rhinestones.
I did my own makeup because all the makeup artists who did trials for me couldn't do it any better than I could myself.  Best decision I could have made!
 Lauren is using a crochet hook to do my buttons.
 We stayed at the Intercontinental in Rosemont (now Lowes) and they had art all throughout the hotel, so we did some shots in front of the bigger pieces.

 I love this shot.
 My handsome hubby!
 Before the ceremony.
 So fun walking in and seeing all my family.
 My daddy is giving me away.
 Holy Resurrection is a beautiful church.  
 These crowns were my biggest fear. But it worked out just fine.  My hair stayed in tact!

 I love our cake!  It was delicious!

 Not sure whose speech this was but it was obviously funny.
 Love my daddy so much!

Happy Anniversary Husband.  You are amazing and I love you and our little family to Pluto and back.

Until next time,


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  1. Congratulations and a very Happy Wedding Anniversary! Great read:)

  2. Happy Anniversary! Beautiful pics.

  3. Happy Anniversary to you both! Every moment of Your wedding day was beautiful & the best by faaar.💞

    1. Happy Anniversary to you both! Every moment of your wedding day was beautiful and the best by faar. 💞