Family Day. Please know I typed this whole blog with one hand. Seriously. | The Glam Mom

Family Day. Please know I typed this whole blog with one hand. Seriously.

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Hi There!!!

Husband has been so busy with work and hasn't been able to spend much time with the kids, so he decided to "take off" of work the last 2 days. Take off is in quotes because he never really takes off. He just works from his phone instead of on a computer is he has to,  He still stopped in to work today before we left for family time. The kids and I just waited in the car while he did his thing, and I was able to do my makeup while we waited :)

Today I did my whole face using my Car Makeup Kit (read about it HERE), and I think it looked pretty good.  One day I'll incorporate eyeshadow back into my days.  But at least today I got to wear lashes!  That's the benefit of having your husband drive. 

Added on top of those basics was Younique Products Moodstruck Lip Liner in Posh and Lucrative Lipgloss in Loveable (both of which stay in my car kit) and lashes, which are Ardell Demi lashes.  Notice my top in this pic?  Yes, it has neon yellow stripes. And yes, it's from Lu La Roe. Can you tell I'm obsessed with neon and Lu La Roe these days??? 

This tee is their new Perfect Tee, and it is seriously PERFECT!  It's a flowy, handkerchief cut (short in front and back, longer on the sides) and perfect for a mom like me who is always looking for clothes that are flattering, hide my trouble spots, but don't fit like a potato sack.  It's my new favorite t-shirt and I can't wait to get more in new patterns.  

We spent our family day at Little Beans Cafe in Lincoln Park, at #1's request.  My kids love this place, and so do I.  So many toys to try out, cute little playhouses (a fire house, a kitchen, a grocery store) and there are always kids there for them to interact with.  I love it because It's big enough that the kids aren't on top of each other, but small enough that I can keep an eye on everyone.  The have a good menu of simple cafe food.  My kids always want mac and cheese, but there are plenty options choose from. Here are a few photos of them enjoying their play time:

No fighting at the train table! Whew! #3 is a speed demon with walker. I even got video of him taking a few baby steps on his own. This girl is wacky! I love that he's getting big enough to really play with his brother and sister.  He wants to be with the big kids!

We left here well after nap time, so the rest of our afternoon was kind of hellish.  After 2 hours of them refusing to nap and wilding out at home, we decided to get back in the car and drive to the suburbs.  We showed up at my parent's house at 5pm, unannounced but happily received.  We took the kids to the park where I let #3 sit in the grass.  He did NOT like it.  At all.  The kids were being kids and running wild.  They went to explore a weeping willow after they saw two older girls swinging on the branches.  They had a great time.  We went back to my parent's house for pizza and pasta.  While I cleaned up the dishes, the kids and husband sat down to relax.

I love days like this with my family.  They have been rare this summer.  

It's 11pm and I'm EXHAUSTED!!!  I have typed this entire thing with one hand while holding a sleeping baby.  I made my husband take a photo so you can see how dedicated I am to this ;) 

NOW!  I'm off to bed!!!  I'm basically on my own with the kids for the next 4 days because husband has to work all weekend and I don't want to send the kids to school because #2's class has a strep outbreak I'm hoping to avoid.  Wishful thinking, right? OK - Go to sleep!!!  All of you!!!


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