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My baby is going to be a hashtag!


If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, then you saw my #1 shot with Johnson and Johnson today.  Just 2 web videos, not commercials. But they will be posted to their website and Facebook page along with the hashtag "#tangletalk." I'm so excited for him!!!  You know I'll be sharing those videos like mad when they are finally released, which should be next month. He did an AMAZING job, despite having to basically sit and wait for over 3 hours before he was called for.  He did so well, they even sent his backup home. Whew! That means I don't have to worry they won't use his shots. Here are a few photos of the production.

Wardrobe fitting. . He asked to keep the pants 😂😉

Just being plain cute for the camera.
Getting his hair extensions clipped.  Yep - extensions! You'll see why in the videos!
Leave in conditioner demo 
The hashtag several kids had to hold up.
Trying to understand instructions 😄 He eventually got it perfect.  
He wasn't intimidated at all by the crew or equipment.  He jumped right in like a pro! They all thought he'd been on camera several times already, but this was his first "acting" job. 
Being silly in the hair chair.
He had fun with this sign.

The crew let me sit in with them to watch the monitor which was really nice of them. I'm just so excited for my baby. He had a great time and was so excited to be "on tv."  He really loves performing and he's GOOD.  I think we'll be sticking to this kind of stuff for him.

It was a super rushed day,  so I just threw on this simple tshirt dress that I picked up from Target.  It's by Mossimo and found in the juniors section. It was great for this hot and super humid day! And, I'm wearing my new favorite loafers from Aldo because...well, just look at them.  My bag is Celine.  My older black mini luggage.  I LOVE this bag! On days when I only have one kid and we're not doing anything messy, I tend to pull out a handbag to bring instead of a diaper bag.  Any occasion I can use to not carry a diaper bag, I will take it!

So, that's all.  Super casual, easy, breezy Friday with my favorite big boy doing something super cool.  I can't believe he'll be 4 next month!!! He's just more amazing every single second.

That's all. I'm off to bed! Busy day tomorrow as well


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  2. I love your entire blog. Even this old lady with no kids is having fun following!!