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The Glam Mom Tests: The Buggy Guard

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Hi there Glam babies! (Do you like that? Maybe? I stole it from Nene Leakes. Well see if it sticks!)

For this edition of The Glam Mom Tests, I chose a neat little gadget called The Buggy Guard. If you didn't know, having your stroller stolen now has to be added to the long list of things parents need to worry about on a regular basis. Strollers these days are fancier and more expensive than ever. Many are coveted, and stroller resale is a big business. I follow The Chicago Stroller Shop on Facebook because, well, I LOVE strollers! I'm a stroller watcher and have a small collection. When I say small, I mean I have 4. Does that sound like a lot to you?  It's not!!!  Check out that stroller group and you'll see there are moms with a LOT more than that! I just sold my very first stroller, a Britax B-Ready, through the stroller group. Then I have:

A City Mini Single
A City Mini Double
A City Select Double
A Bugaboo Donkey

All 4 of my strollers are highly saught after in the re-sale market, which means I need to be extra careful with them.

There area lot of places where we take our children that strollers have to be parked and left unattended (amusement parks, museums, the zoo, as you will see in the video below).  I HATE having to do this, so when we go to places like that, I tend to bring the City Minis, because they are the cheaper of the lot and would hurt the least financially if they were stolen. BUT, now that I have The Buggy Guard, I don't have to worry! I love this little gadget and have been using it regularly. Here's a video I made to show you how it works.

Video shot by my friend Amy.  Thanks Amy!!!

After we shot the video, I then locked it to a fence.  So easy!

It's really easy to use, it's super lightweight and very small. I actually just keep it tucked in the parent console of the stroller so I don't forget it. But it's also small enough for my diaper bag. I know a lot of moms use bike locks, and that's totally practical! But much heavier. And I'm already pushing a lot of weight with my 3 kids in/on the stroller, plus all the crap I already lug around. For me, the lighter the better! Plus, it's cute. And I love cute little gadgets. 

I paid $19.99 for The Buggy Guard on Amazon (Link Here). Not too expensive for peace of mind.  Totally worth it in my book.  

Let me know if you have any questions@

Until next time, 

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