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A Day in the Life

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Hi there!

On Friday I had to run to the mall to pick up a few pieces for the kids' photo shoot that was scheduled for today (Sunday). I wanted them to coordinate and I think they ended up looking really cute!  I'll be blogging their photos and outfits when I get the edited images. But here are a few BTS shots from my cell phone:


The nearest mall to our house is Lincolnwood Towncenter. It's not the greatest mall,  but I can usually find what I need there.  It's never crowded during the weekdays and they have a good play area and rides for the kids. So when I don't have help to take them somewhere bigger, I take them here to play.  And they love it, so I don't feel bad about it. 

He's finally old enough to enjoy the play place with 
his siblings.  Always a smile on his face, this kid.

That's a fork in his mouth.  Watch the video 
below and you'll see how it ended up there!

I used my Buggy Guard!  Not sure what that is? 
Click HERE! LOVE this thing!!!  
Helps me feel much more secure! 

The play area and rides are in the food court,  so it's a one-stop shop. We usually have lunch from Villa Pizza - the kids love their mac and cheese and I let them have a special treat of chocolate milk or apple juice. Then they can sit on the carousel while I clean up our mess from lunch.

But some days they'd rather play than eat. And this was one of those days. So I made a little video to show how I handled it.  Everyone ate, everyone played, everyone had fun. Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do, right mamas???  They had a great time that day, no tears,  no timeouts and we ALL took a nap when we got home! LOVE days like this!

Here's the video:

Until next time,


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