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Believe in Beauty Consultation Experience and a new GIVEAWAY!!!

Hi there!

A few weeks ago I had a consultation with Rebecca, a consultant for Believe in Beauty (LINK).

Believe in Beauty is a Skin Coaching and Analysis company that:

1 - Analyzes your skin 
2 - Suggests skin care products that will treat your specific skincare needs
3 - Gives you a follow up consultation to be sure that you are getting the results you need from your products.

Rebecca came to my house for the consultation and brought along a serious machine - The Glow Skin Analyzer - as well as a ton of different products that could address any and all issues I may have with my skin.  

Rebecca using The Glow Skin Analyzer

Before we started the analysis, I completed a survey about my lifestyle, nutrition, genetics, and skincare products. Then she talked me through the process and I got inside the Glow machine so she could take a look at my skin. 

With a clean face (no makeup or moisturizer), Rebecca used the Glow machine to analyze my skin for different issues - dryness, clogged pores, sun damage, wrinkles, etc.  The machine uses low level UV lights to see below your skins surface to give a more accurate analysis of the issues your skin is experiencing.  All issues show up a different color under the lights, so it's fairly easy to differentiate the problems (she has a color key that she will show you).

This is my before photo:
The white dots are fuzz from my towel.

The main issues the machine helped Rebecca recognize with my skin were a little bit of dryness and clogged pores on my nose.  After the analysis, she gave me a facial using products that would address those specific issues.  I'd never had a facial before, so it was exciting and relaxing at the same time!  

First I washed my face with the Artistry Ideal Radiance Illuminating Cleanser.

She applied the Essentials Pore Masque on my nose, forehead and chin, and a Essentials Moisture Masque on my cheeks to address my issues.  

Essentials Pore Masque and Moisture Masque

While these products were working on my face, she demonstrated a few more products on my hand. The Polishing Scrub and Advanced Skin Refinisher that she used on my hand were seriously impressive! It gave my skin such a nice glow!!! Rebecca also told me it can be used both under and over makeup to give it nice refresh.

Essentials Polishing Scrub and Advanced Skin Refinisher.  

After the product demonstration on my hand was complete, she removed the masks from my face with a nice hot towel (so nice!), and I went back into The Glow Skin Analyzer to see the results.

This is my after photo:

Side-by-Side Comparison - 

My pores were clean!  While the machine showed that the dryness issue didn't change much, my skin did feel refreshed and moisturized.

After the facial was complete, Rebecca talked me through what products would work well for me and I chose to purchase the Artistry® Essentials Polishing Scrub and the Intensive Skincare Advanced Skin Refinisher, both of which are awesome and I will be doing a separate blog review on. I also purchased an SPF cream because the SPF moisturizer I was currently using was causing me some annoying problems.  

The products I purchased

A few important notes about the brand - 

  • Their tag line is "Best of nature, best of science." The products are made with organically grown botanicals and pharmaceutical grade ingredients.  
  • It works for all races/ethnicities/skin tones
  • They offer a 6 month satisfaction, money back guarantee.  6 MONTHS!  It takes more than a few weeks to see if you're getting results from a skincare product.  I think this is a GREAT guarantee!
Overall, I really enjoyed this experience with Rebecca for Believe in Beauty!  And in a few months, she'll come back and do a follow up so I can see how the products have worked on my skin. I'm interested to see what my next analysis will look like.  I'll make sure to blog about it when it's done!

So now, here's the fun part for YOU!  Believe in Beauty not only offers skincare products.  They offer nutrition consulting, wardrobe styling, hair products, and cosmetics as well!  So for you guys, I'm offering a giveaway!!! A beautiful lip gloss in the color Champagne - a shimmery nude that will work for everyone!  

How fun!  It has a light and a mirror to help you see when you are applying!

Here's all you have to do to enter :
  • Follow me on Facebook HERE
  • Follow Rebecca on Facebook HERE
  • Leave a comment on THIS BLOG letting us know what kind of skincare issues you've been having that you'd love to have addressed. 

This giveaway is open to US and Canadian Residents and will end on October 14th, 2015 at 8:00pm.  The name of the winner will be drawn randomly. We will be double checking that the winner has completed all of the requirements above.

Make sure you contact Rebecca HERE if you'd like to schedule a consultation! 

Thanks for reading and GOOD LUCK!!!

Until next time,


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  1. Hi! I'm concerned about the oily thing I have going on in my T area; not much, some. Also, I'm getting the crepe look around my eyes, would love to deal with that mess!

  2. I have acne which totally sucks! I also have first signs of ageing - the two don't go well together :)

    1. Melissa! You are the winner of the lipgloss!!! Please email me your contact information to Thanks and congratulations!

  3. I have combo skin. So annoying...However, the cystic brake outs at 36!!!! COME ON.

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