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Guest Blog - Easy DIY Natural Home Deodorisers By Edna Thomson

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Hi there!

This blog was written by Edna Thomson. Edna is a professional writer, DIY expert and neat freak. She loves to make her own cleaning products. She runs a cleaning company in the UK called End of Tenancy Cleaners Croydon.

I love that Edna sent me an email about posting for my blog.  These ideas she suggests for natural home deodorizers is great and I just might try some myself!  Hope you find these recommendations useful.  Let me know if you decide to try any of them!

Easy DIY Natural Home Deodorisers

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"Walking into a fragrant and fresh-smelling home after a hectic day at work can help you wind down, recharge and de-stress. Unfortunately, most brands of home deodorisers (plug-ins and scented candles included), sold on the market are chemical-laden, hence harmful to your health. Air fresheners seem to have taken over your entire household and office – they're in your office building's lobby, in your bathroom, living room, bedroom, car... Here's a news flash for you – these don't actually improve the quality of air in rooms they are placed in but can lead to accelerated heart rate, chronic headaches, induce asthma symptoms - just to name a few ailments they might cause. When it comes to healthy lifestyle, it's advisable to go for the natural and safe. Here are a few easy DIY natural fixes for a fresher, yet chemical-free home.

Orange and Clove
These two seem to have been made for one another. Contrary to popular belief, cloves are not used in cuisine exclusively, in fact they've been adopted as deodorises for decades, even centuries. Orange and cloves can make an excellent fragrance pomander – Victorians even used those as gifts to indicate their warm feelings towards the receiver. For one pomander you'll need an orange and about twenty to thirty cloves (depending on the citrus' size). Then just insert the sharp ends of the cloves into the orange's peel. Place it next to a warm object, a lamp for example and you're good to go. The fragrance is simply intoxicating, figuratively speaking of coarse!

Eucalyptus Deodoriser
These tropical evergreens make the perfect deodoriser, thanks to their minty, piny and somehow sweet scent. Not to mention they will help you breath more easily. What makes them so great you wonder? Eucalyptus oils are anti-bacterial and help ward off fungi and mould which on the other hand makes them perfect for freshening musty and humid places like closets. A few branches of eucalyptus are all that's required for a fresher, mould-free closet. Just place them in your wardrobe but make sure you remember to replace them with fresh ones in about a week. The oil of this evergreen also makes a wonderful furniture polisher – add two to three tbsp of essential oil in a spray bottle, fill it water, shake it and you're done.

Cotton and Vanilla
Who doesn't love the yummy scent of vanilla? I know right, it kind of makes me hungry as it reminds me of my grandma's home-made cookies. This idea is perfect for smelly refrigerators especially. What's required for this freshener's preparation? Not much actually – a few cotton balls and a small bottle of vanilla extract, you know the kind they use in bakeries and pastry shops. Dip the balls of cotton into the liquid extract and place in on several shelves in your fridge. I guarantee you'd no longer have to hold your nose when you open the fridge's door.

Lemon Peels
Lemons smell exceptionally fresh and come in handy in neutralising all types of bad smells. For instance, those coming from your fireplace. Place some lemon peels on top of the burning wood and you no longer will have to breathe in all that unpleasant smoke. Also lemons are good in eliminating nasty cat-urine odours from your puss' litter box. Cut several lemons in halves and place them all around the bathroom (supposing that's where the litter box is).

Dust and Air Regularly
This is probably the best and most natural way to eradicate all smothering odours from your home. Remember you should dust your furniture, mattresses and upholstery on regular basis. No amount of deodoriser, natural or not, will be able to reverse the damage dander, dust and allergens will do to your lungs. Each room in your house (but especially the bedroom) should be aired at least once a day, even in winter time. In summer leave the windows wide open throughout the day – supposing you don't live near a thoroughfare.

Now, the only thing that's left for you to do is go and collect all those chemical-stuffed deodorisers of yours and throw them in the garbage bin. Mother Nature knows what she's doing, there are natural substitutes to all cleaning products and deodorisers on the market are saying from SuperCleaners Croydon. Why not do yourself a favour and give them a try?"

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