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OOTD #1 - Disney Edition

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Hi there!

Our first day at Disney World was pretty good!  We had a bit of a tough time managing the baby as he ended up getting sick.  He had a cough when we left home, but we thought he'd be ok.  By the time we were ready for bed the night we arrived, the poor baby had a 102 degree fever.  We got through the first day at the park with him, but he was pretty fussy and tired, so we called a doctor to our hotel room.  Did you know that was possible?  We did!  Because we've had to do it before - actually the first time we brought the kids to Disney World!  #1 got an ear infection, and we ended up staying an extra 5 days because:

#1 - he was sick
#2 - it was snowing at home and hubby didn't have to be back at work, so why not stay at the Happiest Place on Earth?

Turns out the doctor wasn't able to diagnose him with anything and we just have to watch him.  In the meantime we treated his fever with Advil, and today (Day 2) he was AWESOME! Happy, smiling, laughing, clapping along to music - back to his normal awesome self.

Anyway!  I'll post photos of the trip later.  For now, I'm just going to share what I wore!

I ordinarily HATE shorts.  Like, I only own this romper, one other romper and one pair of shorts and that is all.  I hate them on me.  They look horrible and ride up and just plain get on my nerves.  But THIS?!  I LOVE!  I had to have it.  

It's from Forever 21.  Sadly, it's not available anymore. I bought mine at the outlet.  But it's called the Free Spirit Crocheted Romper, in case you're interested and want to Google details.  

Until next time,


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