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Vacation Must-Have : Access to a doctor!

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Hi there!

I've decided to do a little series on our Vacation Must-Haves.  This is our 3rd family vacation where one of our children has become sick.

In February 2014, we visited Disney World for the first time and our oldest got an ear infection.

This past summer,  we took a road trip to New York and our daughter developed bronchiolitis (again!), and we forgot her inhaler, so she ended up in the ER.

Now we are in Florida again,  and our baby has developed a horrible cough and spiked a fever.

We've finally realized that we MUST know how to contact a local doctor wherever we decide to go. So,  I want to share this service that we have used twice in Florida.

The Medical Concierge was recommended to us by our hotel concierge.  It's a service they keep on call to help their guests, and it's super convenient.  We used this for #1 and #3 so far and have been happy with the service.

They will send a doctor (an MD, not just a nurse practitioner, like you'd get at Walgreens or CVS clinics) to your hotel room to examine your sick child (or adult) and can prescribe medication if necessary. This worked great for us because we were pretty sure neither child was suffering from anything super serious. It's cheaper than an ER visit and saves you a trip.  I'm not saying it's cheap! I'm just saying it's cheaper than the ER. The doctors both came to our rooms late at night - 9:30 PM for this recent call. At that time,  our only other option would have been the ER, and with babies we just don't want to have to go there if it's avoidable.  So many extra germs, crowds and wait times.  No thanks.

The doctor that came this time was able to rule out step and an ear infection, which were the things we were worried about.  He just told us to monitor his fever (thank goodness we brought a thermometer! Oh yes we did, and I'll be blogging about that next!) and to contact him if the cough got worse. 2 days later, they called to follow up and make sure #3 was doing ok. Even our own pediatrician would never do that!

So, we will be checking into services like this wherever we go from now on. And if you plan to visit FL, keep this info in your back pocket just in case!

Until next time,


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