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BriRoseCurly - The Glam Mom Street Style Feature #3

Hi there,

It's been a while since I've done a Street Style Feature and I'm so glad to get back to it!  

I met Brittany, who goes by Bri, at SoxFest 2016 at the Hilton Chicago last Sunday. I noticed her immediately! Our kids were both playing the Hot Baseball game, just like Hot Potato except with a soft baseball. Her hair was SO. FAB. And her outfit was so cute too! I loved her long vest and knee high boots. She looked so, so, so cute! I asked my husband if he thought I should ask her and he just thought the timing was off because we were in such a busy setting. But it ended up that our kids were in line for face painting and balloon animals at the same time, so I took the chance. And I'm glad I did. It turns out that Bri is a blogger also!!! She has a natural hair blog called BriRoseCurly. Similar to my blog, Bri posts natural hair styles, fashion posts and makeup swatches, all with How-To's and product details.  

Bri is definitely a Glam Mom! She was kind enough to fill out my Glam Mom Street Style questionnaire so we can all learn a little bit about her and her mommy style.

Bri Rose

28 but forever 25 lol

Chicago, IL

Paraprofessional, Cheerleading Coach, Dance Coach, Blogger

Number of Children
2 children

Favorite item you are wearing today (the day we met)
Aldo 4 Layer Necklace

Favorite Clothing Brand
Tough question! Lol I'll just go with Akira currently.

Favorite Handbag Brand
Tumi, they have a 5yr warranty that I love, and works because my purses go through hell and high water.

Favorite Shoe Brand
Steve Madden and Aldo 

Favorite Makeup Brand
Anastasia Beverly Hills

Favorite colors to wear (makeup and/or clothing)
Clothing wise, the color olive is my go to. Makeup wise, burgundy.

Your Signature Style 
(Or Your Go-To Clothing Items For Casual Days)
My signature style is a solid color t-shirt, ripped jeans, boots (due to the winter) a statement necklace, pearl studs, and a statement watch.

Must Have Beauty Products for Every Day
My daily make up must haves - lipstick (preferably burgundy), mascara and maybe eyeliner if I have the time in the morning. 

How long does it take you to get ready each morning?
It takes me 15 minutes in the morning if my clothes are laid out the previous night. If my clothes are not laid out, I'm looking at at least 25-30 minutes.

Celebrity's Style You Admire
I really don't admire one celebrity, I admire their stylist. And certain blogs like Style Pantry and A Little Bit of Lacquer. And Instagram accounts like @fashionkill21, @highfashionfiles, and @kingcartier88.

Why You Love Being a Glam Mom
I love being a Glam Mom because it is one thing that is all about me. As moms, we make everything about our children and sometimes we neglect ourselves. But when I dress up, it makes me feel good about myself. It's the one thing that is "me", which is healthy in my opinion. Who doesn't want to feel good about themselves when they look in the mirror? And it also sets the standard for your children - if you care about your appearance, your children, who are watching you daily, will pick up the same habit.

This is how Bri looked the day I met her.  Her hair was definitely what caught my eye! Who doesn't love a natural curly girl!  And her berry lip is perfect on her. 

So, there you have it.  Bri is FAB!  I love her answers and her super practical, but still super stylish mom style.

You can follow Bri's social media through the following links -  
Twitter: BriRose26                         
YouTube: BriRose

Thanks so much Bri for being willing to be my 3rd feature!  I'm following her now and so should all of you.

Thanks for reading and until next time,


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  1. I love how women support each other and using your blog as a platform is a great way to share all things beautiful. #BBC

    1. Thank you! I always want to give other mamas their props! I love doing this!