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Plus Size Surprise

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Hi there,

A few weeks ago I was invited to an event at Evereve in the Southport Cooridor.  It was called We Love Moms and it was hosted by Jenna over at Stroller Squad. The event was super nice!  Champs when you walked in the door and free manis, blowouts and makeovers were being offered.  But my friend Kellie and I were distracted by the CLOTHES!!!  The clothes were SUPER cute!  
Cinnamon hearts with the champs!
But I'll be honest - this was not the kind of store I'd ordinarily shop in.  I'm a size 16 girl, and this was one of those boutiques that definitely caters to thin girls.  On a regular day, I'd have just walked right by this store.  But I'm glad I gave it a chance.  

My friend Kellie immediately started going through racks. I just kind of stood next to her watching what she chose and looking around the store.  She found some really cute items!  Then she handed me this black fringe vest - 
It's a size Large.  Ummm, no. That's not gonna work.  But I held on to it anyway because it was on clearance for $35.00, which for this kind of store was a pretty reasonable price!

The girl who was helping us, Kendra, was really helpful and started pulling things for Kellie.  She pulled this dress for Kellie - 
It's pretty right???  But, again, it's a size Large.  So, again, it's not gonna work.

But I was wrong.  

When Kellie put on this dress, I was like OMG I NEEEEED THIS DRESS!!!!  It fit her so nicely!  I was hopeful it would look good on me as well.  

And - IT DID!!!  This size LARGE dress actually FIT!!!  Yes, it's a flowy dress, which means it's forgiving. But, would I have ever known that if I'd never bothered to go into the store?  Like I said on an ordinary day, I'd have just walked right by and I would never have known that this beautiful, beautiful dress could ever be MINE!!!

It's been too cold for me to wear it yet, but trust me, this dress will be getting LOTS of use come summer time!

As for the vest - IT FIT TOO!!!!  It's a vest - it doesn't need to be closed.  But it covered my boobs completely, so, I say it's a good fit and I LOVE IT!

So, what I'm trying to say here is this - 

Give all stores a chance, even if you think they won't work for you.  I'm not saying walk in expecting to find something that will fit. But, JUST WALK IN! The clothes don't fit? Look at shoes! Look at accessories! You can find something for you EVERYWHERE! 

Check out Evereve! They had lots of cute stuff that just might fit even a size 16 girl like me!
My outfit without my jacket.
Until next time,


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