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Glamcor Riki Skinny Mirror with Limelight!

Hi there!

I'm SO EXCITED!!!  Since I stopped doing LuLaRoe a few months ago (long story, but I'm still bummed about it), I've been looking for something new to keep me busy.  I've been blogging more often, I'm sure you've noticed, cleaning my house up a bit, and doing some volunteering at my #1's school.

But, I still want to do something else - sometime with makeup. So I met with the lovely Danielle, who works with Limelight  by Alcone and I tried out some of the products and really really like them!!! So - I'm going to sell them! And I'm excited because...
This product is now on sale online for the first time and you can get it exclusively through ME!!!

Listen - when I was at The Makeup Show (watch my video HERE!) I saw this Glamor Riki Skinny Mirror and I wanted it SOOOOOO BAD!!! But I'd already spent over $400 and I just couldn't spend anymore, so I left without it. And sadly, it wasn't available for purchase online, until NOW! This mirror is AMAZING!!!

It is selling for $225! This mirror is mini, but it's got a lot of awesome features. Obviously, it lights up! It has a Bluetooth selfie function and 3X magnification.
5 light settings help you adjust the light. It has a magnetic magnifying mirror so you can get a much better view while you're doing your makeup.  
Scott Barnes trying out the Riki Skinny!
And - this is the best feature - especially for people like me who love to make YouTube videos - a PHONE CLIP so you can attach your phone to the mirror for video recording and awesome selfie lightning!
This is just a pre-order though.It won't ship until December 27th, but you can still get it as a Christmas gift for the makeup lover in your life and just tell the it will be late!  
Here's  a video to show you the features. OK, it's in Russian. But you get the idea LOL!

So, you can purchase this mirror from me HERE. They will only be available for two weeks, so don't wait!!! They SOLD OUT at The Makeup Show NYC and when I left the The Makeup Show Chicago after only 3 hours, they only had 10 left. I'll be buying one from myself right now!  

Let me know if you have any questions!!! And HAPPY SHOPPING!!!


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