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🎶It's The Most Terrible Time Of The Year🎶

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Hi there.

Today I started singing a little ditty, so I figured I'd share - 

To the tune of "It's the most wonderful time of the year"

🎶It's the most TERRIBLE time of the year
All their fevers are spiking
And everyone's crying
There's puke everywhere!
It's the most TERRIBLE time of the year.🎶

That's as far as I got because I'm far too tired to use my brain anymore. Maybe one day I'll finish the song. But probably not. 

Seriously - this season fucking sucks.

My kids have been sick since MLK Day. Literally, an entire month.

Someone has vomited every single week since then.

Someone has had a fever, a cough, something. It's been a nightmare.

MLK Day took me an hour to clean up the puke mess. I sprayed bleached my kids sheets and mattress. I didn't give a FUCK.

A few days later my girl wandered into our room and puked right next to me. I was so tired, I didn't even hear it. Then I guess she wandered over to my husbands side of the bed and puked loud enough over there to wake him up. Thankfully I didn't step in the pile of vomit she left for me when I got out of the bed!!!!

My 2 year old puked on me while I was in the main office of my 5 year old's school. That wasn't embarrassing or anything... 

Turns out he had the stomach flu. He puked and pooped for 4 days. Holy nightmare.
Less than 10 minutes after this photo he puked all over me. 
The following week we discovered there's such a thing as perianal strep. Yes, you read that right. Never heard of it? Google it. It's weird and my little girl didn't sit on her bottom for 2 days. 

Took our 2 year along to that doctor appointment because he was coughing and mildly feverish. Turned out he had an ear infection. So, that was awesome.

I took a break and went to NY for two days. Thankfully all my kids were just fine while I was gone. Guess they were just saving all their sickness for when I got back.
BABY!!! My new nephew is so so so cute!!! I miss having a tiny baby. 
But this sick stuff sucks so bad - I'm not having any more!!!
No seriously, no one was sick for a full week so I finally got to meet my nephew who had been born 3 weeks prior but I couldn't go because we were all so infected with gross germs that we had to stay away. Man, is he CUTE!!!! I'm glad I got to go because - 

This last weekend - a long weekend with freaking 65+ degree weather in February, my #2 got what we know assume is the FLU!  She was down for 2 days with a 103 fever and random vomiting. Ugh.  
Today, #1 woke up with those same symptoms. We took him to the doctor to rule out strep because when I wrote his teacher that he would be absent, she let me know that a student who had vomited in his classroom while we were at the school for an event was diagnosed with strep. No strep.  The doctor said it's the flu.

After 48 hours of being fever free, #2 is now back up to a 101.2 fever with a hacking cough. SERIOUSLY?  SERIOUSLY!?!?!?! Can we just catch a friggin' break?!?!?!

I walked around today bleaching any surfaces I could. I even went into the toy box and tried to clean as many toys as I could. Never felt the need to do that before.  But I'm bleaching the fuck out of everything now.

I can't WAIT for spring! 


I hate this time of year.

The end.

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