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Meals in a SNAP with Snap Kitchen

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Hi there!

I was JUST introduced to Snap Kitchen!  Even thought it has 7 locations in Chicago, I'd NEVER heard of this place before.

And now that I know it exists, I'll probably be visiting A LOT.  

If you know me, you KNOW cooking is not a strong skill of mine.  I actually hate cooking.  My poor kids - they eat the same meals allllllll the time.  Mac and Cheese for dinner? Of course - that's basically all I know how to make anyway!!!

So we stopped into Snap Kitchen and wow! They have a TON of different meal options available!  All these meals are handmade, fresh and super healthy!  Are you Vegan? Gluten or Dairy Free?  Then you NEED to check this place out!  They have options for everyone!  Even Paleo plans!!!  
Here are a few of the foods we picked up:
Banana Pancakes
Goddess of Green Salad with pine nuts and red peppers
"Devily" Eggs made with Hummus are Vegan-Friendly!
Hot Chicken Thighs with Collard Green Mac and Cheese and Roasted Broccolini
Meatless Meatballs made with Blackens and Chickpeas and marinara sauce
I'll be honest - I'm not a very adventurous eater, but my husband tried the deviled eggs and the black bean meatballs and he really enjoyed them!

One of the things I love about Snap Kitchen is that there are so many locations in Chicago! I also LOVE that they are open at 7am!!! My son happens to go to school in Lincoln Park and never ever ever eats before he leaves for school.

My husband always stops at a donut shop and grabs him a croissant and some milk.  But there are 2 Snap Kitchens within 6 minutes of my son's school. So my husband could very easily stop in and pick up something much healthier for my son to eat for breakfast. And on those night's when I don't feel like cooking (which, let's be honest, is a LOT of nights!), my husband could just swing into Snap Kitchen on his way home from picking up my son and grab a few healthy meals for us to heat up that night.
So, visit to find the location nearest you!  OR Download the Snap Kitchen App! Because in Chicago Snap Kitchen DELIVERS!!!
Until next time,



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