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My First NYFW!

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Hi there!
This past weekend I got to go to my first fashion show in NY! I was so excited!!!  

Until I got there...

I'm not going to go into too much detail because I would like to be able to attend a show in the future LOL!

But I will say this - I requested VIP tickets and was told my request was granted. We arranged a last minute trip to NYC to enjoy VIP viewing at our first NYFW show. I had to arrange for help with my kids and ordered all new clothes (and paid $37 in shipping to guarantee they'd arrive in time because that's how last-minute the trip was!) so I could look extra special for what I thought was going to be a special event. But...
VIP for this show was NOT VIP. We ended up leaving because there was no way we would have been able to see the show from where we were told to wait.
I did end up getting to see a few minutes of the show by standing in a place I just wandered into without permission. We'd already called an Uber to pick us up by the time I found this spot, so I couldn't stay much longer. But I'm glad I got to catch a little bit of the show!
My details
Teka's details
So, the fashion show was a bust. BUT, we still managed to have some fun in NYC!

I went to NY with my Sister-In-Law, Teka. We spent Saturday afternoon before the show shopping for an outfit for her to wear to the show. We hit up H&M, Sephora, Aritza, Free People and Zara. I bought my first-ever top at Zara and can't wait to wear it!  
I was a bit tipsy in the hotel lounge
After the show, we had drinks at the hotel and then hit up The Museum of Sex!
I've always wanted to go there! 
It was small and there really wasn't much to see.  But it was still fun to go and look around. And I wrote the penis bicycle! Hard! LOL! But I won't go back.  Not worth the admission really.
Then we met up with my cousin Tamara for dinner at a restaurant called Beauty and Essex. We couldn't get  a reservation until 11pm! We ended up eating right around midnight. They offer girls free champagne in the bathroom! So, we went to the bathroom twice. 

Sunday, we got a late start, despite setting an early alarm.  That's what happens with you go to bed at 3am, right?  It was raining so we didn't want to do much walking around outdoors.  
We took an Uber to Chelsea Market, just walked around and ate tacos and mini donuts from the Dohnuttery, which were DELICIOUS!!!
They tasted like funnel cakes! So good!
Listen - a weekend in NY is still a weekend in NY! Even if it didn't go as planned, it was still a good time! And I'm really grateful that my husband was excited for me to go and also SUPER grateful for my great friend Kellie and my Mommy and Daddy who came by to help my husband with the kids while I was gone. THANK YOU GUYS SO SO SO MUCH!!!
We managed to snag a seat at the bar fairly quickly at Jacob's Pickles!
My weekend nails
Teka's Bloddy Mary at Jacob's Pickles
Waiting outside the show
Ran into Brad and his wife Sarah at Laguardia! He sent this selfie to Andrew :) 
Uber selfies
I'm hoping to go back to NYFW in September. And hopefully it will be a better experience! But hey - we tried!!! And I got to sleep from 3am to 10am, with no interruptions!  WINNING!!!

Until next time!


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