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Galileo Camps - Summer Science Fun!

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One week of this camp has been provided to my child free of charge.
I am sharing information about it in advance.

Hi there!

My #1 is really an amazing child. He's everything - cute as a button and smart as a whip. He's got a good ear for music, loves science, loves to play and makes friends so easily.  More than anything - he's got a HUGE heart and wants to help people solve their problems. Whether it's helping me match sock so I won't be sad (yes, I HATE matching socks!!!) to solving the water crisis in Africa, he just wants everyone to be taken care of.

 My little science lover!

My kids like to play in water. Honestly, they just plain waste it. They fill up bowls of water and just dump them over on the porch and do it all over again. Husband and I tried to explain to him that they shouldn't be so wasteful and that there are children in the world that don't even have enough water to drink, nonetheless dump out just for fun. 

This got his little heart and brain thinking about what he could do for those kids. And this is the solution he came up with - 
1 - Fill an airplane with water bottles
2 - Fly over Africa
3 - Dump the water bottles into a pre-dug pit
4 - The pit fills with water
5 - The people will come to the pit with their cups and drink the water

The simplest solution!

If only it was really this easy right? But he's a problem-solver. Which is why we think he will LOVE Galileo Camps!

"Since 2002, Galileo Camps has been shaping a new generation of innovators by teaching kids to explore, make mistakes and create without fear! Galileo’s curriculum packs serious substance and sparks kids’ imagination from pre-k through 8th grade."

This years themes are:

Galileo Amusement Park

Galileo Makers: Move It

Medieval Adventure

African Safari  

We are so excited to have a chance to send #1 here! We haven't chose our week yet, but I'm hoping he and his friend will be able to attend African Safari Week, because right now he's god a big obsession with Big Cats - he wore an Africa Leopard shirt to school today!
If you're in Chicago and looking for an innovative and transformative camp to send your child to, be sure to check out Galileo!  

And guess what! I have an exclusive discount code for you! Visit Galielo's Website and enter the code "CAMP17" for $40 off per family!

Let me know if you register!!! Or, if your child has gone to Galileo Camp let me know about your experience!  I'm excited for his week there and I'm sure he'll love it!

Until next time!


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