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Google Home For New Parents is Awesome!

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I received this item free for review but all opinions are my own.
Hi there!
I've been a parent for nearly 6 years and my kids are ALWAYS throwing me for a loop and I ALWAYS have a billion questions! 6 years later, and I'm STILL asking Google for help! If 6 years later I'm still Googling answers, imagine how many questions a BRAND NEW parent has!  

In comes Google Home!!! I'll be honest - I never even knew this existed until I received it in the mail! It's SO HELPFUL!!!  And it's so easy to use! 

1 - Plug it in
2 - Download the Google Home App
3 - Log in with your Google info and set up your Wi-Fi
4 - Say "Hey Google" and ASK AWAAAAAY!!!!!!
Google sent this super helpful book along with the Google Home - 50 of the Top-Searched Baby Questions. Flipping through this book, I couldn't help but giggle. I asked ALL of these questions when I had my first baby. And I still asked many of them when I had the 2nd and 3rd babies - it's hard to remember EVERYTHING! LOL! THANK GOD for Google!!! If you want to check out all the questions in the book, click HERE for the digital copy!

Now, the real benefit of Google Home is that every time you have a question about your baby, you don't have to stop what you're doing to grab a device to type in a question. When you're a new parent, your hands are literally full (of baby and baby stuff and sometimes poop or puke) at all times, so if a question comes to mind, you can literally call the question into the air and Google will answer in nanoseconds. It's SO COOL!!! 
 A sampling from the book.  Download your copy HERE!
The day I plugged it in, my son stood in front of it for an HOUR asking it everything that popped into his head - from "How are you doing?" to "How fast do cheetahs run" to "How are bananas made" and he got an answer to almost every single question. I KNOW this device will get a lot of use in my home! I mean, let's be serious - it kept my kid occupied for an HOUR and was teaching him everything he wanted to know - that's a parenting WIN!!! And I'm sure my husband and I will ask Google Home a hundred parenting questions in the near future. Every day there is something new to learn about these little people!
You know Google is listening, because when you call her name, she lights up!
Are you a new parent with a ton of questions??? Check out the Parenting MasterClass live on Tuesday, August 1 at noon EST on the Fatherly Facebook page, in conjunction with Google Home for New Parents. You will learn so much!
Hey! Did you know that with sea horses, it's the DADS that give birth to the babies?!?!? That makes the Fatherly logo PERFECT! Thanks Wild Kratts for teaching me and my kids this. My #1 watched this episode at LEAST 10 times!
Until next time!


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