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#DressLikeA*Plus-Sized*Mom with Evereve!

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Hi there!!!

Make sure you read all the way through to find out how you can win $500 from Evereve!!!
I've been meaning to post about Evereve for over a year now actually!
My first experience at Evereve was in May 2016 when I went to a shopping event hosted by another Chicago mom blogger. In all honestly, I overall completely avoid shopping in small boutiques because there is almost never anything that fits me. But last year, I was surprised - I actually found a dress and a vest that fit OK. Not great, but good enough that I bought them anyway. I meant to share them, but ya know, blogging is hard and I just never got around to it.

This time I planned my trip to the store so my husband and my kids could come along. I'd been told that Evereve has a very kid friendly environment, so I wanted to check out the whole experience - but I asked my husband to come with me JUST IN CASE!

I told my husband when we were on our way there that nothing was going to fit me and I was probably going to leave with a few necklaces and maybe a scarf.

Boy was I wrong.

I told the girls that since I'm bigger, I wasn't sure they had anything in my size there and asked if they could help me pull some stuff. I told them I wear a size 16 on the bottom and I could probably get away with XL tops.
These fitting rooms are HUGE!
I never believed they'd find me ALL OF THIS STUFF!!!

And even better? Of ALLLLLLL of these items, only 1 pair of jeans didn't fit. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!?!?!

I wear a size 16. In most regular boutiques (not department stores and not plus size shops), there would not be options for me. But in this store, not only were there a TON of options, they were FASHIONABLE.

I swear I almost cried.

Here are just a few outfits I tried on:
I bought so much stuff. How could I NOT?!?! And a real surprise??? All of these jeans that I'm wearing are either a size 12 or a 14. NOT a 16! I know sizes don't really matter and every brand is different, but I would be lying if I said it didn't make me happy to walk out of a store buying a size 14.
Besides the fact that there were so many options for me at Evereve, the shopping experience was PHENOMENAL!!!
Evereve prides itself on its customer service, styling experience and family-friendly environment. Each store offers a children’s play area near the dressing room with toys and snacks to entertain kids while mom tries on outfits.
I took full advantage of this experience. While I shopped, my kids played with blocks, drank water that the sales associates gave them and even played dress-up.
The sweet store manager, Krista (who has 2 kids of her own), even took my kids outside to draw with chalk on the sidewalk while my husband was on the phone! Can you even believe that??? It was so awesome! I shopped in absolute peace. It was awesome!
This store is really kid friendly. All Evereves are set up with wide aisles so moms are able to navigate the stores with strollers easily. 

I'm sure you've already heard Evereve's tagline - 

And listen, I know some people find it problematic. But really - Moms! We CAN be fashionable even while playing with our kids!!! If you love your yoga pants, great - Evereve has you covered! But if you want to elevate your playground uniform, you need to try here! Evereve sources items that are made specifically with moms in mind. For example, they sell higher-rise denim that doesn’t have to constantly be pulled up and longer tops to cover your behind when you wear leggings 
The super-sweet and helpful ladies pulled items that really worked for me and I had trouble choosing what to buy from all the options!

I even left wearing a whole new outfit!!! See the dress I'm while I was shopping above??? Well, I had an event to go to after I finished shopping, so I just wore one of my new outfits right out of the store!
I seriously had the BEST experience in this store!!! All of the size options were such a great surprise and the fact that my kids were able to be in the store with me and not driving me insane was a really unexpected bonus. They had a GREAT time!

NOW!!! CLICK HERE to enter to win a $500 shopping spree at your nearest Evereve! All you have to do is load a photo that shows how you #DressLikeAMom! Good Luck!!!

And, Evereve - I'll be back!

Until next time,


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