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#XOQ - I Love a Shopping Party!

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Hi there!

Last week my friends and I attended the Grand Opening party at the new Eloquii store that just opened in Chicago!

I'm sure you've seen my #XOQ posts on Instagram in the past. Eloquii is such a fabulous brand! So many super stylish pieces in sizes 14 and up so us curvy girls can feel modern and put-together in our clothes.  Let be honest - there aren't a a ton of brands that make that easy.

I always shop Eloquii online, and I've never had a problem. I've never returned anything! And they are always having great sales that I'm sure to take advantage of!

If I have somewhere fancy to go, Eloquii in the first place I check. And I have at least 10 gorgeous pieces in my closet that I'm just waiting for the perfect occasion to wear.

The Grand Opening was such a fun event!
#1 - The store is GORGEOUS!!! It's in a perfect location - The Shops at Northbridge on Michigan Ave (The Nordstrom mall).

#2 - The selection is HUGE! The store is actually really big and I loved seeing so many things I already had, or have sitting in my shopping cart online right on a rack for me to grab. It's actually a little dangerous LOL!

#3 - The Staff is super helpful! While you're shopping they will take your pieces from you and hold them at the fitting room until you're ready. It was a really busy event, but I felt like they really streamlined the fitting room process.

#4 - This party was so nice!!! There were treats and champagne and lots of people I follow on Instagram were there. It was so nice to meet those ladies in person!

But, would you believe I didn't take ANY photos?!?!? I was too busy shopping and having fun to take a single photo of the store. So, you'll just have to go in and see it for yourself LOL! You will love it, I swear! There are comfy couches and pretty things all over!

These are the only photos I took. Follow all of these ladies! Links to their IGs are below!
I'm so excited for this store, really. It's so hard to find clothes I love that also fit me. Selection is seriously limited when you're over a size 12. Finding Eloquii last year was pretty life-changing. Seriously. Having it close to home now is awesome.

My first in-store haul, is pretty small. But, I'll be paying another visit ASAP!
Ruffle Hem Crossover Sweater

Embellished Cat Eye Sunglasses
Long Sleeve Tie Neck Blouse
If you are a curvy girl, you need to head on over to The Shops and Northbridge to check out this beautiful new store. I have zero doubt you will find something you love!

Until next time,


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