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You Need To Try SYLTBAR!

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Hi there!
So, really. I never thought in a million years I'd ever write a post about alcohol. I honestly JUST started drinking!!! 

I never used to drink. Ever. I hated the taste of alcohol and I hated being around anyone who was consuming it.


Now I have 3 kids and I've loosened up a bit, and have realized that a little drink every now and again is a good way to relax and be a little silly.

So I was excited to be invited to the blind taste testing hosted by SYLTBAR (pronounced Zut-Bar - it's German) at Carmine's Restaurant downtown. My Sister-In-Law, Teka, came with me because she really knows a lot about alcohol and I know nothing!
I'd never done a blind taste test before.
They had two bottles wrapped in black napkins and poured us a small glass of each. We were to taste each glass and write down our thoughts on flavor and overall liking of each glass. Then we had to choose which one we liked best.

Of the group below, only 1 person chose Option B. All of the rest, including me, chose Option A.
Option A was SYLTBAR. Option B was Veuve Cliquot.

And I was kind of shocked! Because Veuve is a brand that everyone knows - even me and I hardly drink!
The SYLTBAR Reps, Regina and Kathrin, then gave us a PowerPoint presentation about SYLTBAR and what makes it different from other brands of Prosecco.

The way SYLTBAR is bottled is different. Instead of being fermented in bottles like Veuve, it is processed in steel barrels for 4 months, which makes it a lot more bubbly. The bubbles were one of the reasons I chose Option A over Option B.
SYLTBAR has the lowest amount of sugar and the least amount of calories when compared to other popular brands. The sugar content in SYLTBAR low enough for some diabetics to drink, which is kind of crazy.
I enjoyed several glasses of SYLTBAR while we were at Carmine's, and I didn't feel tipsy at all! And I'm a LIGHTWEIGHT!!! Give me a few sips of vodka and I can't turn my head without feeling dizzy. But this was an enjoyable, cold, bubbly, tasty drink and I really enjoyed it!

The event was really nice. Carmine's is such a great location and they served us some delicious bites to enjoy with our Prosecco. These meatballs were DIVINE!
Everyone went home with a bottle of SYLTBAR and me and a few of my friends drank mine a few days later. Everyone really liked it!!!

Probably the biggest bonus of SYLTBAR is the price - $20/bottle!!! Can't really beat that!

I definitely recommend this prosecco if you're looking for something new to try! You can try it out at THESE restaurants around the country and you can even buy it ONLINE.

Check it out! You will like it, I promise!

Until next time,


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