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Things That Happened Before the DVF Fashion Show

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Hi there!

So yesterday was an interesting day. Some good stuff. Some not so good stuff. Here's the rundown.

My washing machine is broken, so I had to go to the laundr-o-mat for the first time in like 10 years.
I'll be honest - it was kind of painless. Using 5 washing machines at once is pretty convenient!

I left my car running on a major street accidentally. I was a few minutes late, so I ran out, thinking I'd turned it off and locked it. Only to come back 10 minutes later, from 2 blocks away, to find out it was still on and completely unlocked. Lucky for me it was still there when I got back!!!

I picked #3 up from school and his teacher informed me that he said F!@# and another kid repeated him. So, that was embarrassing.
The DVF Models
I spent over an hour in an Uber trying to get downtown. Rain is the worst. But I made it on time, technically! But my nerves got the better of me and instead of going straight to the event I was there for - A Diane Von Furstenburg shopping event and fashion show - I hid out in the bathroom on a different floor for about 15 minutes because I was too afraid to go into the party alone. That's me - shy and completely ridiculous!
 DVF Chief Creative Director Jonathan Saunders
The fashion show was fun! There were some really cute pieces. I didn't take many photos - I mostly shot InstaStories on Instagram. So check those out for another 10-ish hours before they disappear!
Dinner at Gibson Italia was fun with friends. There was a lot of talk of poop and dicks. Per usual LOL!
I have been dying to wear this vest from H by Halston that I got on Zulily. It's super affordable to get one for yourself!!!

Until next time,


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