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My Happy Tots with their Veggie Bowls

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Hi there!
I was recently introduced to the Happy Tot Love My Veggie Bowls, and my kid LOVES them! I just wanted to share them with you.

I grabbed some from Target the other day. Since they don't need to be cooked, I can basically carry them anywhere.
I picked the kiddies up from camp and went to the park. They wanted a snack. I had these with me just to test them out and pulled them out for them to try (along with some backups just in case LOL!). While my oldest was hesitant, would you believe he actually LOVED it??!?? He's a picky eater, so I was positive he wouldn't even try it. 
The kids thought they were another brand of ravioli that I used to buy a lot. Even though they weren't what they were used to, they still ate them ALL!
I made a little video to show how cute it was watching them enjoy their Veggie Bowls :) 
These Veggie Bowls are ready-to-eat. You can heat them if you want, but it's not necessary, which is why I was able to bring them to the park. They are organic and non-GMO with nothing artificial. Each bowl includes a full serving of veggies, so when we went home for dinner I didn't force them to eat their carrots LOL!
If you'd like to try these, HERE is a COUPON for $1 off any bowl. 
Tag me in pictures of your kids enjoying their Veggie Bowls!
Until next time,


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