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Jumpsuit in Jersey

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Hi there!
This past weekend, I took off to New Jersey for 2 days, super last minute. Like, my husband bought my ticket at 11am and my flight left at 6:30pm. We had an emergency that kept us from taking our last few days of Spring Break together as a family. So instead, I took my daughter and my mom to my cousin Shana's Baby Shower in NJ.
I just wanted to share this TO DIE FOR jumpsuit that I got from New York and Company. I literally NEVER go into this store. But I was doing a new test shoot and was walking around the mall looking for fun items to bring. NY and Co had a "BLOW OUT SALE" sign in the window, so I ran in to look around. And let me tell you, they have SERIOUSLY upped their fashion game since the last time I went in there!
I used to go in there for basics when I worked an office job, but it's been a long time since I've even bothered with that place. But I was so impressed and ended up buying 3 items! I've linked this gorgeous jumpsuit below, along with a few others I'd love to try:

The baby shower was really fun! It's always fun to get to see my cousins!
Until next time,


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