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BooHoo Birthday Haul

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 Hi there!

My birthday is coming up, so I've treated myself to some fun treats! One being a GUCCI BELT! I've wanted one for years but just couldn't justify spending $500-$700. But, this year, I've worked super hard and decided to treat myself. I def EARNED  it! The one I got is linked HERE. It's GORGEOUS!!!

FYI - I got a size 100. I am a size 16/18 and it fits great! I'd originally ordered a 110, but it was far too, big, which I was surprised about. Thanks Gucci, for making us big girls feel included!

I also went all out on BooHoo and got myself a ton of new stuff. I've only received half of it so far, but everything fits great, like usual. That's why I stick with BooHoo. Because it just works for me.

All the pieces I got are linked below. Try them out! I 'm sire you'll LOVE them!

Until next time,


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1 comment

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