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Veteran's Day

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 Hello there!

First off, Happy Veteran's Day. THANK YOU to ALL who have served our contry! I am grateful for the freedoms that you fight to protect. 

I work for the court system and courts were closed today. I got to loaf around and have lunch with my husband without having to arrange for a babysitter, which hasn't happened for a long time.

We decided to outsource our laundry ($$$$ OMG!) and we had lunch at Tavern on Rush - our usual.

Just wanted to share my cute shoes and bag! I got this bag a few months ago when we were going to the Field of Dreams game. I learned the hard way going into a stadium and they wouldn't allow my bag, so I figured a smaller clear bag would be the best option to bring along to sporting events from now on. I got this Kurt Geiger bag from Nordstrom. I had to drive 40 miles to get this bag because it was sold out in most places, but it was worth it LOL! But guess what? I never took the bag into the event! Because I was told no bags were allowed at all! So I left it in the car and shoved as much as I could in my husbands pants pockets. BUT THEN!!!! I got to the gate and saw all the other women had purses!!! I was so mad!!! But the trek back to the car would have been too much - we got lucky and caught a ride on a golf cart! So I just saved the bag and used it later. Going to Will Smith last night was another perfect opportunity to use it. The security guard at the gate thanked me for making his job easy LOL

I treated myself to these sneakers for my birthday last week. I'm not super into sneakers and it takes a special pair to get me to put out more than $20. I love the platform on these! I was buying my son sneakers at Famous Footwear and saw these and just had to have them. But SURPRISE! They didn't have my size. It's hard to find size 11s in store. But they ordered them for me and I got them 3 days later, which was cool.

I linked the sneaks below. Sadly, this purse is sold out so I linked a bunch of other Kurt Geiger bags I've had to resist buying in the widget below. Shop away!

Until next time,


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