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Back To School Shopping at Woodfield!

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Hi there!

I think it's pretty obvious that I love shopping LOL! And one of my favorite places to shop - for most of my life actually - has been Woodfield Mall. So, when Woodfield invited me in to check out some of their back to school sales, I was BEYOND happy to go!!!
It was such a fun day! We started out having a little play/lunch date with friends and after lunch, the shopping commenced!

I had $200 to spend and I think I got some super cute items!

First I hit up Kids Foot Locker. Does anyone else have an obsession with Adidas??? I used to wear Adidas gear ALLLLLLLLL the time in College and Shell Toes were my go-to shoes! Now I'm into high-tops. But, I wanted my kids to have matching shell toes, so these are the ones we picked out. And for a good price - $55!
We tried out a few more shops, specifically Urban Outfitters and Ivivva, but didn't find anything that was really fitting our needs. Although, Urban Outfitters had some tempting sunglasses! And when my kids get into sports - Ivivva will be on my list of places for athletic gear! So many cute leotards and jackets!

We ended our trip at Altar'd State. I honestly never knew this store was there but it had so many cute little nicknacks and pretty jewelry! I saw this glitter water bottle and HAD to have it - because, glitter.  
I thought the planner was perfect for me. First off, it's pink. Second, I have SO MANY goals for myself and I absolutely plan on "KILLING IT" in 2018. And also, the school year is starting and this planner is already being filled in with Parent Associate Meetings and birthday party dates. With 3 kids, there are A LOT of events to keep track of and this planner will be getting a LOT of use!

Now - how sweet is this gift bag they gave me?! This wine on-the-go glass??? I NEED this!!! LOL! 
And Woodfield also hooked my kids up with treats from Starbucks! They, of course, chose cake pops!
I LOVE Woodfield!!! If you've never shopped there, you need to get there. Even though I live in the city, it's still my go-to shopping mall! Hit it up! There are so many stores and so many deals to be found! And, obviously, they treat their customers amazingly :) 

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