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#LuLaGlam Intro - I'm FINALLY becoming a LuLaRoe Consultant!!!

Hi there!

I've been waiting a LONG TIME to finally be able to say this...

You guys, I am SO excited!!!

And when I say I've been waiting a LONG time, I mean like nearly a year.
See the date on that email? June 3, 2015! I was HOOKED immediately after my first purchase last April/May (I'm not sure which, but I'm thinking April because I had a set of matching Cassies I wanted to wear for Mother's Day last year and never did.)
This is the Cassie I bought to match my daughter in April/May 2015. 

Anyway!!! I'm excited I FINALLY get to be a part of this company! I've been sharing my LuLa outfits on my Facebook and Instagram from the beginning. I think anyone who really knows me knows I'm OBSESSED with this brand!
My very first AMELIA! One of my favorite things I've ever purchased EVER!

What took so long, you ask? Well, to be honest, it was MONEY.

Joining this company is SO different than joining any other business you can work from home. It's not like Younique (which I also do) or IT WORKS or things of that nature.  It's not just a $100 fee to join. It's actually THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS to join in the LuLaRoe madness, and my husband was NOT feeling it. He didn't want to put out the money - because he didn't understand it.  It's leggings! He didn't even know what leggings were! LOL! But after a year of seeing me order these clothes like crazy and wear the clothes and be so happy in them and sharing my love with everyone (and not to mention we have a child that's about to start at a really elite private school in the fall so every dollar will help!) he FINALLY decided to let me join! And honestly, he's just as excited as I am!!! He can't wait! He's totally on board and helping me with everything which makes me so freaking happy! 
This photo is from last August, but I still love this look! This is a LuLaRoe Perfect Tee with a pair of LuLaRoe Leggings. Who says leggings can't be dressed up?!?!

So, soon I'll be sending out invites to everyone I know to join my Facebook Shopping Group - LuLaRoe Michelle Lee - #LuLaGlam with The Glam Mom.  I hope those of you that I add will stick around and that those of you who are interested will JOIN!!! And ADD YOUR FRIENDS!!! I love this brand. It makes me so happy and I'm SO EXCITED to share it with EVERYONE!!!  I just need some support. And also some encouragement because I'm actually REALLY SCARED! Starting your own business is a huge undertaking and I hope I don't fail! Seriously.

And, I'm definitely not giving up The Glam Mom! I'm going to MERGE the two when it makes sense to do so. Like with this post!

So, I hope you'll join me on my new journey.  Wish me luck!  And, SHOP WITH ME!!!  

LuLaRoe Michelle Lee - #LuLaGlam with The Glam Mom
LuLaRoe Michelle Lee - #LuLaGlam with The Glam Mom

Until next time,



The Glam Mom Tests: Garnier Whole Blends Honey Treasures Repairing Hair Care Line

    This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #WholeBlends #CollectiveBias
Hi there,

I'm always on the hunt for great hair products. I love trying new things! It's the only way to find out what's going to work the best! This time, I'm testing out Garnier's Whole Blends Repairing Hair Care line.

I tried out the Whole Blends Honey Treasures Repairing Shampoo Conditioner and Mask. I purchased these products at my local Walmart.  As you can see, the Whole Blends line has several different options (Repairing, Hydrating, Smoothing, Refreshing, Nourishing, Color Care) and Walmart is stocked with each product.  These products were easily found on an end-cap.

The Honey Treasures line is supposed to be "nourishing repair for damaged hair," containing royal jelly, honey and propolis.

Since summer is coming up, I'll be wearing my natural curls more often. The heat and humidity just causes frizz, so why bother trying to keep it straight? So, I wanted to try these products out to see how they would work on my natural hair. And, since festival season is starting, I figured I'd style it in a fun, boho way!
I started by washing my hair with the Whole Blends Honey Treasures Repairing Shampoo. It left my hair feeling clean. It had a nice, thick lather that seemed to wash away the product I had in my hair.  

followed with the Whole Blends Honey Treasures Repairing  Conditioner. This conditioner worked really well! I always use a generous amount of conditioner out of habit. I probably didn't need as much as I applied. But it left my hair soft and easy to comb through after I rinsed it out.

Ordinarily, I would leave a bit of conditioner in my hair, detangle and style with gel at this point. But since the line includes it, I went ahead and tested out the Whole Blends Honey Treasures Repairing Mask. The instructions said to leave it in for 3 minutes. But, my littlest was climbing my bed and I was getting nervous. So instead of waiting to rinse it out, I got out of the shower so I could be closer to him. I ended up leaving it in for about 10 minutes while I did my makeup. I figured it wouldn't hurt to leave it in  a little longer than suggested.  
This is me with the mask in my hair.  It had been in for 
about 10 minutes and had soaked in by this point.
After I finished treating my hair with these 3 products, I detangled with a wide-tooth comb and added a center part, which is something I'm just starting to get into. I used Garnier's Curl Sculpt Cream Gel and Curl Scrunch Controlling Gel to control my curls and diffused my hair to save time. Usually I air-dry, but on this particular day I was in a hurry LOL!

And here is my final result:
I bought this headband for a photoshoot I did a few months ago and never wore it again. Festival season is here and Coachella style is being posted everywhere, so I thought this was the perfect time to pull it out! It is tucked under my hair on the right side so it fits better. I also bobby-pinned it on each side to keep it in place.

Soft, defined curls with minimal frizz. My husband LOVED my hair this day! He complimented it numerous times when he saw me in the evening. My friend Margarita, who took this photo on our play date, also loved it! So, I guess it came out well!

So, overall, what do I think of the new Whole Blends Honey Treasures Repairing Hair Care Line? I LIKE IT!!!

The scent is very mild - just a touch of honey, which is nice.  The Whole Blends Honey Treasures Repairing  Conditioner left my hair soft and easy to detangle. After a little Googling of the ingredient list, I learned that the main ingredients are really natural. And it has no sulfates or silicones, which I know a lot of curly girls like to avoid. So, that's a real bonus!
Another bonus, the price is REALLY REASONABLE!!! A lot of products I've used lately are in the $10-$15 price range. This range is all between $5-$7.

You can check out the entire Garnier Whole Blends Repairing Hair Care line, HERE. Which blend do you want to try?

Until next time,


The Glam Mom Tests: Simply Straight Ceramic Straightening Brush

Hi there!

I'm sure you've seen this product - a brush that can straighten your hair! Have you wondered if it would work? Well, I did! So, I bought one.  

Here is some information from the Simply Straight Ceramic Straightening Brush's website:
  • It combines the power of a flat iron with the gentle styling ability of a brush to make straightening your hair as easy as brushing your hair!
  • The ceramic wrapped bristles lift hair at the root to deliver gentle heat around every strand, without flattening or frying your hair
  • It works on all types of hair
  • It heats up to 450℉ fast
  • It's great for travel
  • It won’t damage hair
  • It has a 60 minute auto shut off
  • It has an LCD display screen to display temperature
Are all of these claims true???  Watch the video below to find out!!!

Just kidding!  I'll tell you the details here also.

Is it easy? Yes. You do just brush your hair. But you have to put a little power behind it. More than a flat iron, for sure.

Does it work on all types of hair? No. This did not work on my coarse, curly hair. But it worked nicely on my friend who tried it at my house. But her hair was already straight. Easier for her to use than a flat iron to get her hair extra sleek, though.

Does it heat up fast? Not at all.  It's the slowest styling tool I own. 

Is it great for travel? Maybe. If you have straight or wavy hair, you could probably bring this instead of a flat iron for a quick option to straighten your hair.

Does it damage your hair? Of course it does. It's heat. All heat damages your hair, ceramic or not. Don't fool yourself. 

Overall, I don't recommend this to anyone with textured hair.  Natural, curly girls - stay away!!! Girls with fine, mildly wavy hair - TRY IT! It's fairly inexpensive. I say it's worth a try.

If you want to try one out, feel free to order from Amazon with my affiliate link -

Until next time!!!



Why Is NOT Yelling SO Hard?????

Hi there,

I have this problem with yelling. I can't help it. Sometimes I yell when it's absolutely unnecessary. It's just a reflex. My kids do something even SLIGHTLY annoying? I will start yelling, even if it doesn't even warrant a slight raising of my voice. Don't get me wrong, there is a LOT of behavior around here that warrants a voice-raising! But, not everything. So I'm trying to be better.

I grew up in a house with a lot of yelling. And I always hated it. I cried a lot. I was scared to get into trouble because I didn't want to get yelled at. And I guess how I was treated (not badly by any means!!! It was just...loud.) has become a part of my own personality.  And I HATE it.  

I can see the look in my kids' eyes when I yell at them. They are frightened. They are small. They misbehave. It's part of their learning-process, and I know this. I also see it in how they treat each other - they yell at each other. They yell at me. It's not right. I know I should be more patient, but it's SO. FREAKING. HARD.
Ordinarily, this is the kind of thing that would have me IRATE. I was upstairs with her brother so I wasn't watching her closely. I had to take a breath as I gathered up the markers and just...let it go. She was so happy, so...is it really worth yelling over?  I decided no. 
My #2, my girl, just officially became a "Threenager" and, man, is she TESTING ME!!! Daily. She's driving me fucking insane, really. And my response has been to yell at her. And, it really just makes things worse. She cries harder when I yell, which makes me yell more, and it's just a horrible cycle!

A few weeks ago she sat next to me and touched my face (if you know her, you know she's a real face toucher), and she said "Mommy, you have to be nicer." I mean...talk about heartbreak. I HATE that my kids think I'm mean. They are so small. They shouldn't feel that way about me.
(Ignore the cockroaches in the background.)  She looks so cute right?  Well, in reality, she refused to give me back my $80 sunglasses and I just gave in to avoid tears. Then she dropped them and they got scratched beyond repair.  We were at the zoo. I didn't yell. It's just sunglasses right? And, really, it's my fault for not being more insistent she return them. Right? That's what I told myself. 
So lately (like, this last week, LOL!) I've been trying to keep my cool more. I've really been making an effort to not SCREAM at them for minor misbehavior. Instead, I've been giving them warnings, like "Mommy is getting upset with your behavior. If you don't stop,"MEAN MOMMY" is going to come out and you're not going to like it." My kids DO NOT like "Mean Mommy." So, this has been working.

I feel better at the end of the day not having screamed at my kids over things that just don't matter. So I'm going to keep trying to keep "Mean Mommy" in check. I'm working on picking my battles and keeping my voice calm and cool.
It was 11:30pm. She refused to sleep. She snuck out of her room and got into my makeup and put lipstick all over her face.  I didn't yell.  I just Snapchatted it. LOL!  Sometimes, you just HAVE to laugh.
I know I'm not the only mom who has this problem. If you've been able to curb your loudness, how'd you do it? I'm open to advice on this one!!!

Until next time,



We Gotta Bingo! Review

I received tickets to this show in exchange for my honest review.
Hi there!

Many of you reading this don't know this about me, but I used to sing. A lot. Wanted to find me on the weekend? Head over to a local theatre and find me in rehearsal! It was a super fun time in my life and I often miss those days. But, thanks to Facebook, I've been able to keep in touch with many of my old theatre friends, many of whom are currently professional actors and singers! 

I met Jane D'Arienzo when I was only 17 years old and was cast in my first community theatre production of Little Shop of Horrors. She was the voice of Audrey II. I can't tell you how amazing Jane's voice was to me back then!  She was so powerful and soulful!!! And she is currently portraying the role of Rosa Dimini in We Gotta Bingo!
We Gotta Bingo is exactly what its website describes - A "Hilarious, Interactive Theatre Experience"!!!

The premise - Two catholic churches (the Irish St. Patrick's and the Italian St. Dominic's) are merging due to the unfortunate, accidental tearing down of St. Patrick's (by an Italian-owned demolition company. Oops!) They are holding a Bingo event inside a local German Brauhaus (The Brew-Ha-Ha) to raise money for the merging parishes.  
The cast of characters is great! I'm going by memory here because there was no actual list in the program.
  • There is Rosa, the Italian mother who takes care of everyone at St. Dominic's. She runs the show. (She also "cooked" all the food we enjoyed that night lol!)
  • Franny, the daughter of the Brew-Ha-Ha's owner, in her short skirt that Rosa finds disrespectful; 
  • Tyler, a Bingo expert who just completed his 2nd week at his new job - a Southwest Airlines attendant;
  • Jeremy, Rosa's son who is the dyslexic leader of the youth choir;
  • Bucky, the celebrity bingo number caller; 
  • Darla, the newbie number-picker;
and lots of others!
This is how Jeremy wrote out my name tag.  Don't forget, he's dyslexic. And yes, everyone wears a name tag!
The show is built around the audience playing bingo. You get real bingo cards and Bucky calls out the numbers. When a member of the audience wins, they get to come up on the stage, are given a (phony and very silly) prize and the winner gets to sit on a throne until a new winner is announced. 

In between the games is when the audience interaction really takes place. There are polka breaks where the cast dances with the audience (my mom was chosen twice!), a conga line, a choir composed of audience members sings on stage (my mom and I got participate in this!). A person from each table even serves the food to their table-mates!
My mom and I singing in the choir. I messed up my solo LOL!
Did I say that this is DINNER theatre??? They serve you a meal while you watch! "Rosa" told us she SLAVED in the kitchen to create the meal we were served, which was bruschetta, salad, lasagna and bread.  
And, she didn't forget dessert!
I thought it was so funny that dessert was served to us in this! LOL!
I will say, I don't really eat cheese, so I was still hungry when I left, which is no big deal to me because it happens a lot! But my mom seemed to enjoy her food (and this is no small feat). 

NOTE - Drinks are NOT included in your meal, but they do have full bar service.  It is a cash bar, so make sure you bring money. They don't take Discover - I learned this first-hand. And NBD. 
We ordered the Cran-Apple Slice and the Dutch Lemonade
By the end of the show "Bucky" was wasted and the whole cast had basically lost their minds and a lot of seriously funny things were happening in the stage area.

I snapped throughout the entire performance (with permission of course!!!) So if you follow me on SnapChat, then you've seen all of this. If not, you should FOLLOW ME - chellee62001. And now, check out a few snaps I pasted together below.
Hopefully from the videos, you can see that the cast really seemed to be enjoying themselves. And I really enjoyed myself. My mom really had a great time also!  It sometimes takes her a bit to loosen up, but she really did enjoy getting to go on stage and dancing with the cast. And that was important to me.

I LOVED getting to see this show and hopefully I'll be able to make it back with my husband and friends. It's just a really lighthearted, clean kind of fun and I think it's definitely worth the $75 ticket price. DEFINITELY!

So, check out We Gotta Bingo! Buy tickets!!! Tell all your friends!!! 

And tell Rosa I sent you.

Until next time,



Vanewpc's 5 Time Saving Products for The Glam Mom

Hi there!

My good friend Vanessa made a video breaking down 5 Time Saving Products for The Glam Mom!

This is Vanessa. She takes the BEST selfies!!!

She breaks down options for cleansing, concealing, brows and more!

These are all great products that can help any woman, mom or not, get GLAM in a flash!  Check out the video below! 

And make sure you FOLLOW Vanessa!!! 
She's a serious beauty GURU knows a lot about makeup, natural hair, juice cleanses and a ton of other stuff! All you ladies can learn a LOT from her!!!

Thanks Vanessa for this video!!!

Until next time,


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