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Glam or Slam - Loreal Voluminous Feline Mascara and Primer

Hi there!

I received my BeautyCon Box months ago, but never opened it!!!  So, I'm testing out a few of the products that came in it.  First up - Loreal Voluminous Feline Mascara and Voluminous Primer Base.
I wear fake lashes most days, so it's hard for me to be impressed with the results of any mascara.  None eve provide enough drama or length for me.  Did this one impress?
Here I am wearing no mascara.
Here, I left the left eye bare and applied 1 coat of Voluminous Feline to just the right eye (no primer).
I applied 1 coat of primer to the left eye.  The right eye still has only 1 coat of mascara.
One the left eye I applied 1 coat of mascara over the primer. The right eye still has only 1 coat of mascara.
 I applied a second coat of mascara to both eyes.
Here I just added mascara to the bottom lashes.

So here's what I think - This mascara is decent. It defines, but doesn't lengthen too much. That's fine - it doesn't claim to. It DOES add volume. And with the primer, the volume is intensified, but not super dramatic.  

The brush is cool.  It's plastic with a ton of criss-crossed bristles, to help with separation.
I didn't find the formula to thick and it didn't clump. The description says it's a glossy black color. Eh. It doesn't matter as long as it's black.
The left eye has no mascara, the first eye has 2 coats of mascara, with no primer.  
The left eye has 1 coat of primer and 2 coats of mascara.

Overall, I will give this mascara a GLAM. The primer isn't necessary, but it does intensify the volume so it can't hurt! I will continue to use the primer, just because I have it.  

It's not he most amazing mascara I've used. But, I couldn't actually tell you one that has amazed me, so this one is just fine by me. 

Let me know what you think!

Until next time!


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