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Was I Fat Shamed???

Hi there,

This actually happened a few months ago but I forgot about it. I was straightening up my bathroom and found this card:

And it reminded me about what I wanted to say about this.

So here's what happened.

I was out shopping - KID FREE so thoroughly enjoying myself. I walked into Torrid, a store for women size 10 and up. I'd just walked into the store and stopped right by the first rack of t-shirts because I needed to respond to a text. I felt a tap on my shoulder and there was the lady who gave me this card. She told me that if I, or anyone else I knew, wanted to get healthy to give her a call.  

It didn't register at first. I took the card, smiled and said thank you. But as she walked away, it registered. She gave me this card because she thought I needed to lose weight. I felt targeted. Like, did she really FOLLOW me into a plus size store to tell me she could help me get skinny??? The more I thought about, the more angry I got. I even Snapchatted how bogus it was.

Maybe I was over-reacting, but I don't think so. I think what she did was seriously rude and could be extremely damaging to some people. And I don't think she would ever think about it that way because she was just out to sell her products.

You know what else?  There's this growing trend of people sending friend requests on Facebook to people just to expand their contacts for their direct-sales business. Please don't think I'm not aware of what you are doing. If we haven't spoken in 19 years (or even ever!) but you all of a sudden want to be "friends," I know why.  And, several of these requests have been from people who sell weight-loss brands. And I don't doubt that these people have sent me requests because I look like I could stand to lose a few. I could. I've gained a lot of weight over the last year.  I'm fully aware, thanks.

So, I just want to say this:


Don't "target" people. Don't send friend requests to overweight, distantly-connected people. Don't send direct messages to people you barely know telling them you have a great product that could help them. Don't go into plus size Facebook groups advertising your weight-loss products. It's just plain not nice.

People like me who are overweight are VERY AWARE OF THEIR SIZE. They don't need relatively thin people pointing it out and offering to help with your miracle products. FYI - they don't work and they taste bad, so stop lying to us LOL.

I'm OBVIOUSLY very secure with myself. I'm a solid size 16 and I'm good with it, otherwise I'd be making a change. I'm not ready. When I am, I will. But what if I wasn't so confident in myself? What if my self-esteem was seriously lacking? What if it had taken all my courage to walk into that store to buy something nice for myself? What if I had just lost a ton of weight and was going in there to celebrate myself? Only to have someone follow me in to indirectly tell me I'm fat. NOT COOL.  

So just think about what you're doing. Make sure you're not targeting people. Make sure you're not hurting someone's feelings. That's all.

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Swissôtel Santa Suite - And Extra Fun Way To See Santa

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Hi all! 
2 weeks ago my family and I were invited to preview the Santa Suite at Swissôtel in downtown Chicago!  I wanted to go to this last year, but couldn't make it. I'm also pretty sure that last year it was a pay-event. But this year you ALL should go because it's FREE!!!

You can hang out in Santa's Suite - the Presidential Suite - at Swissôtel and have snacks and a guided tour of his digs while you wait to meet with Santa and Mrs. Clause!
Such a beautiful table setting!
Santa's Bedroom
Kids can write their own letter to Santa and drop them in his mailbox.
Santa has reserved the hotel’s 41st floor Presidential Suite for only one more weekend before he has to head back to the North Pole - Saturday December 17th. He'll be there from 1-4PM to meet with kiddos and pose for photos.
My kids were heaven in the suite!
My kids kept trying to eat the cupcakes laying all over the suite!
So many pretty decorations all over the suite!
Guests who post or tweet a photo of their Santa Suite visit using the hashtag #SwissSantaSuite will automatically be entered to win a number of prizes, including a one-night stay at Swissôtel Chicago.
Drinks for the grown ups!!!
Are you having a last minute holiday party??? The Santa Suite is also available for private group tours and holiday receptions for up to 100 people. 

Contact Swissôtel directly at (312)268-8235 if you have any additional questions.  I hope some of you can make it to visit Santa!!!

Until next time,



Glamcor Riki Skinny Mirror with Limelight!

Hi there!

I'm SO EXCITED!!!  Since I stopped doing LuLaRoe a few months ago (long story, but I'm still bummed about it), I've been looking for something new to keep me busy.  I've been blogging more often, I'm sure you've noticed, cleaning my house up a bit, and doing some volunteering at my #1's school.

But, I still want to do something else - sometime with makeup. So I met with the lovely Danielle, who works with Limelight  by Alcone and I tried out some of the products and really really like them!!! So - I'm going to sell them! And I'm excited because...
This product is now on sale online for the first time and you can get it exclusively through ME!!!

Listen - when I was at The Makeup Show (watch my video HERE!) I saw this Glamor Riki Skinny Mirror and I wanted it SOOOOOO BAD!!! But I'd already spent over $400 and I just couldn't spend anymore, so I left without it. And sadly, it wasn't available for purchase online, until NOW! This mirror is AMAZING!!!

It is selling for $225! This mirror is mini, but it's got a lot of awesome features. Obviously, it lights up! It has a Bluetooth selfie function and 3X magnification.
5 light settings help you adjust the light. It has a magnetic magnifying mirror so you can get a much better view while you're doing your makeup.  
Scott Barnes trying out the Riki Skinny!
And - this is the best feature - especially for people like me who love to make YouTube videos - a PHONE CLIP so you can attach your phone to the mirror for video recording and awesome selfie lightning!
This is just a pre-order though.It won't ship until December 27th, but you can still get it as a Christmas gift for the makeup lover in your life and just tell the it will be late!  
Here's  a video to show you the features. OK, it's in Russian. But you get the idea LOL!

So, you can purchase this mirror from me HERE. They will only be available for two weeks, so don't wait!!! They SOLD OUT at The Makeup Show NYC and when I left the The Makeup Show Chicago after only 3 hours, they only had 10 left. I'll be buying one from myself right now!  

Let me know if you have any questions!!! And HAPPY SHOPPING!!!


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