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The Glam Mom Tests: Irresistible Me Hair Extensions

This product was sent to me for review by 

Hi there,

It's been a while since I did a "The Glam Mom Tests" post.  I'm really having a hard time keeping up with blogging, but I'm trying to find more time to squeeze it in.  Baby is eating lunch right now, so I'm gonna squeeze this post out as fast as possible!

Irresistible Me was kind enough to send me a set of hair extensions for review and I've given them a GOOD testing and, in all honesty, I LOVE THEM!

I made an unboxing and first impressions video (below) to give them a quick test, and they didn't disappoint.  At all.  

I was sent their Silky Touch Hair Extensions in Chocolate Brown. The length is 20" and the volume is 200gm. The video will give you the most detail but here are a few important points of these particular extensions:
  • They are 100% Remy Human Hair Extensions
  • They can be very easily washed, heat styled, cut and colored to blend with your hair perfectly.
  • The thickness of the hair decreases slightly towards the ends just like normal hair does which will provide a completely natural look while wearing them.
I took a before and after photo for you to see the difference these extensions make on me.  
I LOVE the added length and thickness.  I also love that they don't shed a whole lot. My own hair sheds enough! These pieces held a curl great for me and the texture and color are PERFECT!

Overall, I'm so, so, so impressed with these Irresistible Me Hair Extensions! I definitely recommend them as a great, reasonably priced brand for anyone who wants to add a bit of drama to their natural hair.  They are super easy to use and look great!

Here are a few more photos of me wearing the extensions:
This was taken the afternoon I made the video. They look awesome! And look - They are still curled!
I took these extensions on my trip to New Jersey to attend my grandmother's funeral and my cousins told me they didn't even realize I was wearing clip ins!  They really do look great! And my husband loves them!  

Watch the video below to see a more thorough review of them:

And be sure to follow Irresistible Me's Social Media Accounts for more before and afters!  

Thanks for reading!  

Until next time,


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  1. I saw the video. You looked very pretty. The hair looks so natural.

  2. Thanks so much! I really like these extensions! Thanks so much for watching!!!

  3. Hi Michelle, it's a pleasure to meet you. Awesome job with the video! I found you via the SoFab Community Forum.

  4. Hi Sandra! Thanks for stopping by! I really appreciate it!!! I'm checking out your blog *now*

  5. That is a testament to how natural they look: I couldn't tell that it was not natural. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Love the hair extensions and what a perfect match! Your video is well done and the post is well written. If I didn't see the before, I never would have known they were clips. They look very natural.

  7. I love it! I had hair extensions before as well and there's a big difference in quality. You look amazing with the hair attached to your head. It looks very natural; but glam as well! Just like the glam mom you are !

  8. It really does look like it's your hair. It suits you so much! If I ever decided to use extension I'll be sure to check them out sooner. :) Thanks for sharing!

  9. It looks great! I always wondered how extensions actually "work" and how you attach them to your hair. The pictures are brilliant, you don't even see that it's not your natural hair. And the curls... wow! I wish my hair would stay curled more than 30 minutes.

  10. Wow they look really naturally. They suit you too. I always avoided hair extensions, but maybe I might give them a try!

  11. Love it! I watched a lot of other reviews and i heard only the best about Irrestible Me. So, if i ever need extensions, i know what to choose :D You are gorgeous by the way!

  12. I had never heard of Irresistible me, to be honest. However after seeing it on you (amazing), got me thinking, do you think that it would suit a long dark chocolate hair?

    1. Hi! I think so! They have plenty of colors to choose from for you to find your perfect match. They can also be colored! If your hair is already long, you could geta set of the same length and just use then for volume. But they do have a really long length also - 24" would be nearly waist length on me!

  13. You look great, and you cannot even notice the extensions (I tried ones which were pretty obvious)

  14. This has nothing to do with the extensions, as beautiful as they are. That black dress is fabulous. Please tell me whose it is!

    1. Thank you! It's Ralph Lauren! It's so awesome!!! Here's a link -