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Reppin' The Chi!

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Hi there!

So, I'm trying to catch up on the new Showtime series The Chi. It's hard for me to find time to watch television, but I'm finally caught up on the Housewives, so I'm on to this one! Episode 1, and I was hooked! I love a good drama! And this one is about my city, starring local talent (some of which I've actually met!), so I HAVE to support!!!
A funny little tidbit before I begin - Last week I went to an event with some friends at Joy District. Beforehand, we went to a place called The Hubbard Inn for dinner and drinks. My Sister-In-Law saw our bartender and said she knew him from somewhere. She asked him and he said they'd never met. But she was certain she'd seen him around. She texted me a few days later and said she remembered how she knew him. He was on TheChi!!! As I watched the first episode - there he was, working in the restaurant!!! Funny! You never know who could turn up on your tv screen LOL!
I degress.

1 episode in, and I was hooked.
It's sad, you guys; the violence in our city. It's a vicious cycle. Innocent kids dying for nothing. Over sneakers and chains and nonsense. Yes, this is a TV show. But this is also real life. And it's sad.
But behind all this sadness is the story line, there is love. Jason's dad,Ronnie, loved him. Coogie loved that dog which caused him to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. His brother, Brandon, loved him. The cycle of love caused the cycle of violence. Ugh. It's kind of crazy! I'm on episode 3 now and plan to be caught up before the next new episode airs.
I will say that I noticed one character, Andrea, has a jacket that I have that I haven't worn in forever!!! And it inspired me to wear it the day after I started watching the show LOL! I felt inspired to rep my city, hence the outfit! I picked up this Chicago Flag necklace while I was at the Chicago History Museum for a play date a few weeks ago and have worn it a a bunch of times since. My kids love it also! 
And even though they suck, I'll still support the Bulls lol! 
But only because this shirt is cute and the United Center has good food LOL! I've linked pieces similar to my outfit for you below.

So listen, you need to watch this show. I have Showtime, so I'm able to catch up with no problem. But if you don't have Showtime, no problem for YOU!!! Because starting now, you can stream The Chi online!!!
Check out Showtime's streaming service using the free trial! Plus when you use my code your free trial will be extended from 7 days to 30 days!
You don't need cable! You can watch shows like The Chi,Homeland, Shameless and more right on your favorite device! To start your free trial (available to new customers only) - and extend it from 7 days to 30 DAYS!!! - use code THECHI30. And catch up on the first 8 episodes of The Chi ASAP!!! Episode 9 airs on SundayMarch 11th. I'm def going to be caught up by then!

Until next time,


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