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Glam or Slam - Loreal Voluminous Feline Mascara and Primer

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Hi there!

I received my BeautyCon Box months ago, but never opened it!!!  So, I'm testing out a few of the products that came in it.  First up - Loreal Voluminous Feline Mascara and Voluminous Primer Base.
I wear fake lashes most days, so it's hard for me to be impressed with the results of any mascara.  None eve provide enough drama or length for me.  Did this one impress?
Here I am wearing no mascara.
Here, I left the left eye bare and applied 1 coat of Voluminous Feline to just the right eye (no primer).
I applied 1 coat of primer to the left eye.  The right eye still has only 1 coat of mascara.
One the left eye I applied 1 coat of mascara over the primer. The right eye still has only 1 coat of mascara.
 I applied a second coat of mascara to both eyes.
Here I just added mascara to the bottom lashes.

So here's what I think - This mascara is decent. It defines, but doesn't lengthen too much. That's fine - it doesn't claim to. It DOES add volume. And with the primer, the volume is intensified, but not super dramatic.  

The brush is cool.  It's plastic with a ton of criss-crossed bristles, to help with separation.
I didn't find the formula to thick and it didn't clump. The description says it's a glossy black color. Eh. It doesn't matter as long as it's black.
The left eye has no mascara, the first eye has 2 coats of mascara, with no primer.  
The left eye has 1 coat of primer and 2 coats of mascara.

Overall, I will give this mascara a GLAM. The primer isn't necessary, but it does intensify the volume so it can't hurt! I will continue to use the primer, just because I have it.  

It's not he most amazing mascara I've used. But, I couldn't actually tell you one that has amazed me, so this one is just fine by me. 

Let me know what you think!

Until next time!



Easy Lunch Hack - Potbelly Perks App!

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Hi there!
It's been a long time since I stopped into a Potbelly Sandwich Shop. There isn't one near where I live now. But I heard they have this new app - Potbelly Perks - where you can order your sandwich and jump the line at the restaurant so I figured I'd try it out.

You can order your food though the app and when you get to the restaurant, just go to the counter to pay! It will save you time, especially if you're on a short lunch break, but still want a yummy sandwich.
The app is super easy to use. You just enter your email and name. It will use your GPS to find the nearest location to you.  You can choose pickup or delivery and then easily place your order, special requests and all! You do have to enter a credit card to pay, but that's to be expected.

Not only will you save time on your lunch break by jumping the line, but when you download the app, you'll earn a free cookie.  You'll also earn Potbelly Perks - a “smile” for every $2 spent to be used toward treats and invites to exclusive events.
I ordered this delicious chicken salad sandwich with all toppings, some yummy veggie soup and a soda, all on the app. Then when I got to the restaurant, I jumped the line! I'd already paid for my order on the app, so I just had to grab my bag, fill my soda and DONE! So easy! Even though I'd ordered takeout, I stayed in the restaurant to eat, just because I had some time and it's so cute in the one on Southport. They have a vintage piano and cute little kids area.
So give it a try! It's so easy, Potbelly Sandwich Shops are all over and the food is SO GOOD!!! It'd been so long since I'd stopped into one, I'd forgotten. But I ate EVERY BITE of my food and even thought about going back the next day LOL!
Hope you'll give the Potbelly Perks App a go!  Let me know if you!

Until next time, 



Glam or Slam - Ms Jessie's Multicultural Curls Styling Lotion

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Hi there,

I'm going to be honest. I don't like my natural hair that much.  

I used to love my curls! When I was in high school and college, I wore my hair curly most of the time. But in those days I also relaxed my hair and my curls were looser and easier to manage. I could use any product on them and they were in control. I could even go product free and it would still look ok! After I went "natural" over 10 years ago, I totally fell out of love with my natural curls and I have yet to find a product that works well for them. Is this the one? Hmmm...
Ok, it's not that dramatic. But this product works really well actually!

I know I've used a Ms. Jessie's product in the past, but which one I could not tell you. I saw this one while I was looking for my favorite edge control in Target - the name caught my eye so I grabbed it.  
The first day I used it, I think I may have used too much. It felt very crunchy and looked kind of "crispy," like it would have if I used too much gel. I'm not a big fan of that look. I also parted my hair the wrong way. I have no explanation for why I did that and I didn't even realize it until the next day. 
So the next day, I just co-washed and tried again. This time I parted it the correct way and used less product. And I was REALLY happy with the results.   

I just got back from vacation in Orlando where the weather is way too humid to keep my hair looking good when it's straight. So 2 days in I gave in a went with curls and this product worked really well in the humid weather. 
By the end of the day, my ends had started to frizz a bit, but that happens with basically every product I try, so I wasn't too surprised or disappointed. But beyond that, my hair held up well and looked great in my opinion!

So I definitely give this product a GLAM. It's kind of pricey - $16 a bottle - but I didn't need to use too much to coat my hair and I never had to re-apply, so one tube should last me a while since I don't wear my hair curly very often.  

Like I said, I got this at Target in the ethnic hair aisle. If you try it, let me know how you like it!

Until next time



Auction Fun with TopHatter!

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These items were provided to me at a discount, but all opinions are my own.
Hi there!
I love an auction. I'm ALWAYS auctioning things on Facebook! It helps me clear out things I'm not using and also make a little cash back. 

I also like to buy things from auctions. And the lower the price the better!

So let me tell you about Tophatter.

Tophatter is the world's fastest, most entertaining marketplace, with live online auctions every day in a wide variety of categories.

The fun thing about this site? Each auction only lasts 90 SECONDS!!! So you have to be FAST!!!

And a lot of items have super low starting bids - as low as $1!

Would you believe I got all of the items in this photo for under $14 each???
This adorable turtle bracelet was only $8!  I won the auction for $1, shipping was $7.  I plan to give it to my daughter on her birthday! She will love it! 
This pretty ring - $13. I won the auction at $10 and shipping was $3.
This SmartWatch. $14!!!!!!! I won the auction at $10 and shipping was $4.

I've always wanted a smart watch!!! But I'm cheap, so $14 is a price that is just fine by me!!! I've linked it to my Samsung Galaxy S7, but I was only able to test out making phone calls - which worked just fine! But it says I need a SIM card in order to use the internet or take photos, so I need to visit my provider to see if I can make it work without paying extra fees. I'll keep you posted on how it works!  

There are all sorts of fun things up for fast auction on Tophatter! Jewelry, clothes, makeup - I've even seen those crazy charcoal masks up for auction!!!  
I'm going to keep an eye on this site. It's fun! Because the auctions are so short, there is always something new to see. And the rush of competing for an item - I just love that!

Check it out!  If you buy something, let me know!!! 

Until next time,



Medieval Times Trip and GIVEAWAY!!! (Chicago Castle Only)

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These tickets were provided free of charge, but all opinions are my own. 
Hi there!
If you live in the Chicagoland area, it's unlikely you've never heard of Medieval Times. Who hasn't driven by that castle a billion times on I-90?!  
It seemed like this horse walked on it's hind legs forever! So cool!
Until 2016, I hadn't been to Medieval Times since I was in high school! But my mom decided she wanted to go for her birthday. We went with the whole family and had a great time! So I was excited to be invited back to see another tournament!

This time I went with my friends, Kellie and Teka as kind of a birthday outing for Kellie's birthday.  It was so fun!
We sat right up front to root for the Yellow Knight! We enjoyed our food, which consisted of Dragon's Blood Soup and hot chicken which you of course eat with you hands, just like you would back in the Medieval Times!
Even though our section rooted hard, our Knight did not win the tournament. Blue prevailed. That's ok - we still had a great time! 
So now for the fun part! Medieval Times wants to give one of my readers a 4-pack of tickets to attend an upcoming Dinner and Tournament!!!

It's super easy to enter!!! Just follow these steps - 
a Rafflecopter giveaway That's it! So easy to enter!  

This giveaway will end on March 15, 2017.  Please only enter if you are within driving distance to the Medieval Times Chicagoland Castle.

I'll announce the winner at 9PM CST on 3/15/17.  Good luck!!!

Until next time,



The Glam Mom Style Feature #6 - LuLaRoe Tiffany Parsons

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Hi there!

I'm back with another mama you want to get to know!
You all know I love me some LuLaRoe! While I'm not longer a consultant (sad face), I still shop a ton of groups. I belong to the *GASP* No Rules LuLaRoe BST group and saw a few of Tiffany's styling photos and just HAD to follow her on Instagram!

I really love how she pieces her outfits together. If you're looking for some great color combo and pattern-mixing inspiration, Tiffany is your GIRL! 

Learn about her below:

Tiffany parsons


Hope Mills, NC

Lularoe Retailer / Graphic Designer
Number of Children

Favorite item you are wearing today
My rose floral Randy T

Favorite Handbag Brand
Prada and LeSportsac

Favorite Shoe Brand

Favorite Makeup Brand

Favorite colors to wear (makeup and/or clothing)
Mustard, Teal, Red
Your Signature Style 
Leggings and a Carly Dress 

Must Have Beauty Products for Every Day
Anastasia Brow definer pencil and contour palette and Marc Jacobs Mascara
How long does it take you to get ready each morning?
An hour and a half

Your Personal Beauty/Fashion Philosophy
Do you boo! Embrace the season you are in. 
You guys - I would NEVER have thought to layer a Carly over a Julia.  It's so smart and super adorable! Tiffany's IG is always giving me ideas!!!

So, join Tiffany's shopping group and 
And be sure to follow her on Instagram 
for regular styling photos:

Until next time,



My First Smoothie With Mossum Sea Moss

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Hi there!
I've never had a smoothie before this.  I know some people might think that's weird, but listen - for being a chubby girl, I really don't like a lot of food. And hearing smoothies made with yogurt and kale freak me out! So I've just always avoided them.

When I received this sea moss to try from Mossum Body, I had no idea what to do with it!  I went straight to Pinterest and saw a ton of smoothie recipes.  But I didn't want a smoothie!!!

So I went to Facebook and asked my friends. And guess what they suggested.  You got it - smoothies.  So after a TON of recommendations I decided to just give it a go.

My roadblocks - I don't eat yogurt and I don't like bananas.  But that's ok, because the Mossum Sea Moss has thickening properties that would make up for that.  I tried one version and neither my husband or I liked it much, so I had to try again and switch up the ingredients.

After all of the suggestions I received, this is what I ended up with:

1 cup of sweetened vanilla almond milk
1 cup of fresh strawberries
1 cup of fresh pineapple chunks
1 cup of frozen peach slices
1 teaspoon of agave nectar
2 tablespoons of Mossum Sea Moss

And you know what - I actually LIKED it!!!  I would drink it again.

Besides getting a good serving of fruit (or vegetables if you're braver than I am!) adding the Mossum adds a little bit of protein and other vitamins and minerals such as potassium, magnesium, beta-carotene, calcium and  vitamins A, B and C.

Mossum is a Chicago-based company and I'm all about supporting local business!  Also - the founder Kim Jean is from the Caribbean and I love that since my mommy is Jamaican.  Sea Moss (also knows as Irish Moss) is an ingredient that many in the Caribbean use regularly, so I was happy to try something that my mom used to eat when she was growing up.  

Give it a try!  You can order this brand from MossumBody.com

And - Thank you to everyone who gave me recommendations! Vanessa, Wendy, Joelle, Mellenie of Fluffy Ain't For Me, Linda, Charity, Priya, Jen G, Lorna, Jessica G,...I had a lot of input! There were so many more that tried to help me! Thanks everyone for all the input!
Until next time!

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