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Lorac's Beauty and the Beast Palette

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Hi there!
Let's be honest. I didn't NEED this palette. But - just look at it!!! I HAD TO HAVE IT!
I'm going to make this short -

The pigmentation of the shadows is really good. One swipe with your finger will get you a pretty opaque application. 
But it's very powdery. There is a good amount of fallout from each swipe - more than I'm used to, or really like, when it comes to my shadows. With the glittery colors, if you blow on your swatch, the glitter will just blow right off! 

But the colors are still really pretty and you get a good color payoff.  So just be careful when applying - be sure to tap your brush and maybe consider perfecting your skin AFTER you do your eyes to avoid a difficult to clean mess.

The palette is reasonably priced I - $48. I bought mine from Lorac directly, but you can also get it at Ulta.

I'm a sucker for stuff like this.  The packaging looking like a book and having a red ribbon, like a bookmark, is SO Belle!!! I just love it!

If you get it, tag me in your photos! I'll try to post some looks with this soon!

Until next time,


A Quick Trip To The Makeup Show 2017

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Hi there!
I decided to hit up The Makeup Show today at Revel Fulton Market. I've gone to this several times and it's always worth the trip for the savings you get! Last year I went as press, but this year the Press Preview was on Father's Day and I just couldn't leave my husband on Father's Day after the amazing Mother's Day he made sure I had!!!

So I decided to just buy a 1-Day ticket at the door. Sounds simple right?

Today was one of those days when I really needed to get my life together! Here's all the stuff that went wrong with my trip to The Makeup Show:

I actually got recognized TWICE! I was shocked anyone would ever know who I am! But Tayy at the LipBar followed me on Instagram and another YouTuber named Michelle told me she's watched my channel as we walked by eachother near the SmashBox booth.  
I forgot my business cards. The makeup show requires you show some sort of proof you work in "the industry." A business card is enough. I was 2/3 of the way to my friends house - slated to arrive EARLY (which for me is basically unheard of) - when I realized I'd forgotten my business cards! So I had to go alllllllll the way home. Because I live in Chicago and traffic is ridiculous at all hours of the day, I ended up picking Vanessa up 30 minutes late. 
There was no parking. This is no surprise, really. The show was at Revel Fulton Market, which is in the West Loop, an area that is extremely crowded. There was no parking nearby so I parked about a mile away and we Uber'd to the show. Simple! Ummm, no. Remember those business cards?
I forgot them again!!!!! In my damn car, which was a mile away! Thankfully the lady at the counter took pity on me and took Vanessa's word that I should be allowed in!
My MAC Purchases
But they didn't take my credit card!!!! I only have a Discover Card. My husband gave it to me for all my charges. It's all I got! Problem? Some places won't accept Discover - LIKE THE MAKEUP SHOW!!! (And Makeup Forever, which I discovered later.) I did not have enough cash on me to cover the ticket. Thankfully Vanessa saved my ass for the 2nd time in 30 seconds and paid for me. She said I could Chase Pay her back the $60. No problem, right???

He found a T-Rex! They loved him at this booth!
Except I couldn't remember my Chase login!!! I tried every password and capital letter and symbol combination I could think of too. NOTHING! Thank God for PayPal!!!

OK - after that, it went fairly smoothly (except that hiccup at Makeup Forever which left me with nada, but that's ok!)
He had fun swatching all the Blues he could find in the display at this booth
Oh wait! I brought a 5 year old!!! Maybe if I'd brought my daughter it would have been different, but my son was having none of this show and kept asking me when we were leaving LOL! Saving grace - he got a lot of attention from the ladies and people offered him enough candy that I was able to make it to all the booths I wanted to despite his complaining.

Overall, it was a quick, but fun visit! I got just a few really cool items! I think I'll make a Haul Video to show how the aqua color palettes I got from Mehron work.
I bought all 5 palettes for $120 so I can up my face painting game! 
The colors are INSANE! 
Until next time,


Swimming Like a Mermaid with AquaMermaid

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Hi there! 

Didn't every little girl want to be a mermaid after seeing "The Little Mermaid"??? Ariel is definitely one of my favorite princesses! And I had a chance to discover that being a mermaid is HARD WORK!!!
Aquamermaid.com gave me and my Sister-In-Law the chance to swim like a mermaid - tail and all - and it was really fun!!!

Sad part - I hardly have ANY PHOTOS!!!  

I bought a disposable water camera and NONE of the photos came out!!! I'm so bummed! I searched the #Aquamermaid hashtag on Instagram to see if anyone from our class shared the group photos, and thankfully I was able to find two of our group. #Hashtaghaters - this is why they are useful!!!
I'd also asked someone to take a few snaps of me in my tail on my cell phone before I left.  So this is all I can show you.

But if you're looking for a fun time with your friends and a CRAZY core workout, you should try this class!
It was HARD! You'd never realize how difficult it is to stay afloat without being able to use your feet. If your core is weak - LIKE MINE!!! - you will struggle a little bit. But it's still fun! By the end of the class I felt comfortable enough to do some forward and backward flips and was able to use the synchronized swimming techniques they teach to keep myself afloat.
A class is $60 and this is the layout of the hour:
-5 min Tails choice, How to wear and take care of your mermaid tail
-10 min Swimming warm up without the tail, Swimming level evaluation
-5 min Swimming with the mermaid tail and floaters
-10 min Swimming without floaters
-20 min Swimming techniques
-5 min Games and free swim
-5 min Take your own photos
I do wish the photos could have been at the beginning before my hair was a mess and some of my makeup washed off, but  we made it work afterward.

I should have listened to my Husband and got a GoPro - but I was feeling cheap LOL! But now you know - don't trust a disposable camera!
So contact Nora at Aquamermaid to schedule your class! You can even schedule a private party with all your friends! Try it out!

Until next time!


Me And My Mini and Visionworks

Visionworks sent me these frames for free.
All opinions expressed are my own.
Hi there!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I LOVE matching with my Mini!!!
My #2 is such a girly-girl – she loves dressing up and I am taking full advantage!  But one thing I never thought of was matching glasses!!!
I wear glasses every. single. day. (And sometimes, when I wear contacts, I put on fashion frames just to add an extra flare to my outfit!) I got my first pair of glasses when I was 8 years old. 
My husband also has terrible vision so, thinking realistically, I’m sure all of our children will end up with glasses at some point. So matching glasses with my girl is something I can TOTALLY do! So, I’m starting now! (Hers are just glass of course!)
Visionworks provided me and my mini with several pairs of glasses to test out and we both LOVED them!! 

Pretty in Pink
My little girl is bursting with personality, so these Chelsea Morgan frames with an explosion of colorful wildflowers are perfect for her. No matter where we're headed, we'll be perfectly in style. 
We wore ours for an ice cream date. She was HAPPY!
Chelsea Morgan CM7006
Chelsea Morgan CMM3001
Summer’s a Breeze
You can practically feel the tropical breeze with these summery blue Chelsea Morgan frames. From the playground to a walk on the beach, they are perfect for any fashionable adventure.
We wore ours for a little photoshoot in these coordinating off the shoulder pieces. How cute and summery does she look!?!? I LOVE the bright blue stems on both pairs!
Chelsea Morgan CMM6000
Always On-Trend Tortoise
Twinning has never been easier with these classic Vera Bradley frames. I love tortoise frames - they go with everything!
 Can you even handle her??? I'm in trouble y'all!
Vera Bradley VBKelley
Vera Bradley Joni
Sick-Day Chic
Take a pair of classic Guess sunglasses along no matter where you're headed!
The first day we wore these, my #2 and #3 went to the doctor because they both had strep throat. Bummer! But just because you're sick doesn't mean you can't look cute! Look good to feel good right???
We also wore them for a day at the park. This girl! She's just TOO MUCH!!! She's DEFINITELY my Mini!!! Love her to PIECES!
Guess GU7426
Guess GU9164
With the largest selection in the industry, Visionworks has a pair of fashion-forward frames to match any duo’s style. If you have a mini who you love to match, head on over to Visionworks and try on some frames to show off during your best TWINNING moments!!!

Until next time!



Galileo Camps - Summer Science Fun!

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One week of this camp has been provided to my child free of charge.
I am sharing information about it in advance.

Hi there!

My #1 is really an amazing child. He's everything - cute as a button and smart as a whip. He's got a good ear for music, loves science, loves to play and makes friends so easily.  More than anything - he's got a HUGE heart and wants to help people solve their problems. Whether it's helping me match sock so I won't be sad (yes, I HATE matching socks!!!) to solving the water crisis in Africa, he just wants everyone to be taken care of.

 My little science lover!

My kids like to play in water. Honestly, they just plain waste it. They fill up bowls of water and just dump them over on the porch and do it all over again. Husband and I tried to explain to him that they shouldn't be so wasteful and that there are children in the world that don't even have enough water to drink, nonetheless dump out just for fun. 

This got his little heart and brain thinking about what he could do for those kids. And this is the solution he came up with - 
1 - Fill an airplane with water bottles
2 - Fly over Africa
3 - Dump the water bottles into a pre-dug pit
4 - The pit fills with water
5 - The people will come to the pit with their cups and drink the water

The simplest solution!

If only it was really this easy right? But he's a problem-solver. Which is why we think he will LOVE Galileo Camps!

"Since 2002, Galileo Camps has been shaping a new generation of innovators by teaching kids to explore, make mistakes and create without fear! Galileo’s curriculum packs serious substance and sparks kids’ imagination from pre-k through 8th grade."

This years themes are:

Galileo Amusement Park

Galileo Makers: Move It

Medieval Adventure

African Safari  

We are so excited to have a chance to send #1 here! We haven't chose our week yet, but I'm hoping he and his friend will be able to attend African Safari Week, because right now he's god a big obsession with Big Cats - he wore an Africa Leopard shirt to school today!
If you're in Chicago and looking for an innovative and transformative camp to send your child to, be sure to check out Galileo!  

And guess what! I have an exclusive discount code for you! Visit Galielo's Website and enter the code "CAMP17" for $40 off per family!

Let me know if you register!!! Or, if your child has gone to Galileo Camp let me know about your experience!  I'm excited for his week there and I'm sure he'll love it!

Until next time!


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