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Caped in Gold

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All photos are by Teresa Dalbera Photography
Hi there,

Last night my Sister-In-Law and I attended the First Bites Bash at Navy Pier.  It was great! There was So. Much. Food.  I was full before we even made it half way around the ballroom!  We ended up leaving early and going for dessert at a popular ice cream shop near her house, Margie's Candies.  I had a crazy brownie a la mode that I barely made a dent in.  But it was so yummy!  

It was an early night though - I was home before 9:30. Sadly, my kids were still awake when I got there though LOL!  No shocker.  They hate sleeping.
I decided to rock this kind of different outfit. I thought it was so cute, but it turns out I was definitely under-dressed for the occasion! I was appropriate on the top, but way to casual on the bottom. That's ok. Like I said, we didn't stay long. 

I bought these shoes and had no idea what to do with them.  But I figured, why not pair them with this cape??? I put it on I kind of never wanted to take them off.  
These shoes are from JustFab.com. Have you tried Just Fab? I'm still on the fence about it. I've been using it for over a year and I just have pulled the trigger on canceling because of finds like these. I really love these shoes!!!
I told you in my last post that I love Eloquii. This gorgeous big bow top is from there and you NEED it! You can dress it up or down and still look fabulous. 

The short sleeve version is sold out online, but the long sleeve version is just as fabulous!

ELOQUII Plus Size Long Sleeve Bow Blouse

My cape is amazing, right? It's from Torrid.  I LOVE the hinged clasp closure. Sadly it's sold out online. If I ever see it become available, I'll let you know!
My jeans are super old from Forever 21.  Just cuff up any skinny jeans to replicate this look.
And my bag is just...I mean, no words needed.

If you try to replicate, please tag me in your photos!

Until next time,



Budget Bags

All photos are by Teresa Dalbera Photography
Hi there,
I make no secret of the fact that I LOVE handbags.  It's nothing new - I've ALWAYS loved handbags. I got my first Coach bag at 14 and never looked back! I used to buy bags everywhere I went - didn't matter where it was from, didn't matter the brand. I've bought bags everywhere from Walmart to Claires to Chanel. But in the last few years, I STOPPED buying non-designer bags and now I only carry high-end bags from certain designers.  

My reason? I just like them better. Yes they are expensive.  But, I choose classic designs from classic brands and they will be in style for a long time. And I'm sure I'll be able to pass them down to my daughter when she's older. I take really good care of them.

I have a deal with my husband - every year I get one new handbag. I don't get gifts for my birthday, Christmas, Mother's Day - I get one fancy handbag as my gift for the year. And there's no certain date I'll get it. I get it when I find what I'm looking for.

And how do I manage to only carry high-end designer bags, you ask??? I do it ON THE CHEAP.  

And how do I do it on the cheap, you ask??? I'm patient and I'm not picky and I always look out for a deal. But - I never buy used. Not that there's anything wrong with that! I just prefer my bags be new.
My latest acquisition is this GORGEOUS Celine Python Micro Luggage bag.  Isn't she GORGEOUS!!! The scales are devine - they're starting to bend and it's aaaaamazing!!! And you'll never guess where I got this handbag... 


Yes, Zulily -  the sample sale site that all mom's have been on one time or another. Don't sleep on Sample Sale Sites ladies!!! You can find some amazing bags on these sites for great discount prices if you're not too picky about them being from the current season/collection.
I'm not. Like I said, I choose fairly classic bags and colors so they won't go out of style.

These are the sites I shop for my handbags:

Beyond The Rack

I'll be honest - Zulily is new to this list. I do regularly buy discounted clothes for my kids and myself from there, but seeing Celine and Prada for sale on their site a few weeks ago was a SHOCK. But I took FULL ADVANTAGE. I paid less than half the retail cost for my Python! It was a deal even my husband could agree was worth taking advantage of.

Just FYI - you will never see Chanel or Louis Vuitton discounted. Don't trust it if you do. But Gilt and Hautelook occasionally sell Pre-Owned Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Hermes. If you're in the market for those types of bags, check those sites! All other brands will be new brand spanking new.
Let me know if you have any questions! I'm not an expert. I just really like talking about purses LOL!

 I'll be doing a separate post on this outfit and about these gorgeous photos. Because I'm kind of obsessed with it all! 

Until next time!



Glam or Slam? HASK Chia Seed Oil Volumizing Collection & Canvas Bag!

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This product was sent to me for review, but all opinions are my own. 
Hi there!

Not too long ago I reviewed the Hask Superfruit Healthy Hair Collection & Brush set, and I really liked it!  This time, I'm trying out Hask's Chia Seed Oil Volumizing Collection.  
Chia seeds are super popular now in the health food world.  People are adding them to everything! I'll be honest. I've never tried them. I'm not that healthy LOL! But these seeds are supposed to contain all sorts of things that are good for your body, like Omega 3, protein and calcium.  But...

I'll be honest - I did not like this set. The shampoo was fine.  The conditioner did not work at all for my hair type.  

I'll tell you why in this video.  Have a look!  
The video is short, but it says it all.

This set gets a SLAM from me. 

Have you tried it?  Let me know what you think!  

Until next time,



Yawning in Yellow

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Hi there!

Lately I haven’t been sleeping much. I’m usually on 5-6 hours of sleep the last few months. And let’s not forget wake-ups. I sleep with a toddler most nights and you know how that goes - tossing and turning, kicking me in the face, stealing my blanket and eventually I end up at the very edge of the bed.  

I’ll be honest - I wouldn’t change it. Now that #3 is 2 years old, I try to hold on to every little thing. All the things I found annoying with my first two kids, I don’t really mind with him. I’ve said it before - since he’s my last, I’m not going to get these things again. So, fine, kick me in the face. I’ll gladly take it.

But today I was feeling extra, extra tired. I’m up at 6:30 every day to get my oldest ready for school, but usually the other two will sleep for a bit longer so I can climb back into bed and rest for a bit longer. But the last 2 days, #2 and #3 were up with me and full of energy. Me, with my 1am bedtime - not so much.

So to energize myself, I decided to wear something a little extra fun. For me, clothes and makeup are where I find energy. Coffee does nothing for me! 
I reached WAAAAAAAY back into my closet and pulled this this neon yellow sweater from Gap. It was just the thing to bring out a little energy. I paired it with a collared shirt from Forever 21, because a cable knit sweater over a button-down is pretty classic. But I thought the bright color and the little black necktie gave this a little something extra.  

My hair was a mess. I’m getting it done tomorrow! So I tossed in 3 clip-in extensions and pulled it into a bun. I LOVE extensions for extra volume! 
I’m still SO FREAKING TIRED! And my husband is out for the night. Ugh. But at least I look decent. People seem to think I have a ton of energy in general. But I’ve gotten pretty good at faking it.

Until next time!



The Makeup Show Blogger Bag!

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Hi there!
In my last post and video I shared all the products I purchased at The Makeup Show. Now, I want to share all the products The Makeup Show and The Powder Group GAVE to us at the Blogger preview. And MAN! Did they go all out!  This gift bag is seriously generous and I'm so excited to have received it! Below the video are links to the products that you can purchase. So Treat Yo'Self LOL! These products are awesome!
Senna Cosmetics
Moisture Drop Gel Primer

MAC Cosmetics
Broke Candy Bronzer is no longer avaialble

T3 Hair Styling Tools
AntiGravity 3" Barrel Brush

Hydrating Lip Plumper

Metallic Glitter Set in Gold

Kat Von D Beauty
Lock-It Setting Powder Brush #20

Lock-It Setting Powder in Translucent

Ardell Lashes
Lash Trios

Crown Brush
Volumizing Mascara

Bdellium Tools
Matte Lipstick in Wait A Minute

Kevyn Aucoin
Expert Mascara in Bloodroots

NYX Cosmetics
SFX Creme Colour (out of stock)

Cozzette Beauty
Mini Definer

Travel Kit

Makeup Forever
Pro light Fusion Undetectable Luminzer

Metallic Powder in Lavender

Anastasia Beverly Hills
Sun-Dipped Glow Kit

Happy Shopping!!! LOL! 

Until next time!



Christmas Caroling in LuLaRoe Elegance from my Tracey Baker and The Hippie Chicks

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Hi there!

Unless you're new to my blog, then you know that I am a HUGE LuLaRoe lover! I wear something LuLaRoe at least once a week - if not more. And, no joke, I have like 8 pieces from the Elegance Collection and I am still on the lookout for more! 

One of the pieces I have is a size Large Black Sparkle Carly that was gifted to me by LuLaRoe Tracey Baker and I was SO EXCITED to wear it!!!
My friends Joelle and Adrienne helped me organize a Christmas Caroling gig at a cocktail lounge called Ward Eight. It was SO FUN to finally sing again!  It'd been YEARS since I sang out anywhere and I'd really missed it.  And what is better for a performance than SPARKLES!?!??!!  Basically nothing. You saw Mariah on NYE right??? hehe :) 
I LOVED seeing Carly belted with a petticoat, so I ordered 2 for the performance - black and white.

My plan had been to wear the black petticoat and my red belt.  Only, the night before the performance when I was getting everything ready I couldn't find my red belt!!! So instead, I opted for a black skinny belt and a red scarf.  I felt I needed some red since it was a Christmas show and all.  
I still haven't found my red belt.  But I did want to see what this Carly would look like with the white petticoat.  So I just wore it again!  And, to be honest.  I'll wear it again and again.  I LOVE it!
The show went great and my dress was PERFECT and I was so happy with every aspect of the night. Even the freaking snow storm that started 2 hours before the show didn't mess up my mood.  We had a great time and put on, what I think, was a great show.  HUGE THANK YOU to Joelle and Adrienne for all the work they did!  Hopefully we'll have another show soon!  

And another HUGE THANK YOU to Tracey for this beautiful dress!  Make sure you join her groups!!! She has two:

LuLaRoe Tracey Baker

and she has partnered with a teammate to offer buyers even more inventory to choose from! Follow them at:

Shopping With The Hippie Chicks

Also, don't forget to follow her on IG - @LuLaRoeTraceyBaker

Feel free to share your LuLaRoe Elegant Looks with me!!! I LOVE to see how people 'Roe!

Until next time,


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