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Avoiding Summer Brain Drain with Galileo Camps

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Hi there!!!

I'm so sorry I've been MIA. I've just been SO. DARN. BUSY. I know I said I was going to try to post more, but I just haven't had time to. But I'm squeezing in this quick post before I put the kids to bed. It's already almost 8:30, so this is going to be quick!!!

It's kind of crazy that we already have to think about SUMMER CAMP!!! It's only February 18th! It SNOWED yesterday!!! But, lots of camps are already taking registration and filling up!
My #1 attended 2 camps last summer and he had the BEST TIME at both. He has been talking about going back to science camp ever since he left!!! He absolutely LOVED attending Camp Galileo's Nebula program last summer. Every day he would come back from camp RAVING about the activities he did and the games they played. Not only did they have lots of indoor science activity, they had lots of outdoor time, running around and playing team games. There is no question that we will be sending him back again this summer for their Stars program. We will also probably send #2, as she will be 5 in April and old enough to attend camp also.
Now that our kids are all in school all day long, we want to make sure that they don't lose everything they've been working on all school year. Did you know that "on average, students lose 2 months of reading skills over the summer"? #1 has been working SO HARD on his reading this year and #2 has really gotten a great grasp on her phonics. And I'll be honest - I'm not the best at keeping them working on educational things at home. I like to keep them busy, yes. But I like to get them out of the house being active. I'm not great about keeping them working on educational things. So a camp like Galileo is great! It will keep their brains moving, but also their bodies!
It will take 2-3 hours of learning activities per week to prevent any summer "brain drain." (LINK) Galileo Camps fill this need and then some! Let's be honest - it takes the pressure off of me!!! They are having fun AND learning and helping keep them prepped for the upcoming school year.

I love that I can send my kid to camp and he can learn AND have fun!!! #1 LOVES to learn. It's kind of ridiculous. He's seriously the most curious kid. He wants to know how everything works. This camp is perfect for him! #2 needs a little more...motivation. I think Camp Galileo will be great for her as well. Galileo works to incorporation seven components of creativity into their programing.
Courage, collaboration and determination are just a few. I want to see my #2 be brave in asking questions and trying out new activities. I want to see her work well with other children and I want her to work with full intention of achieving her goals. These are characteristics that #1 naturally possess. But #2 needs a little more of a push. I think a camp like this will be great for her.
Camp Galileo sent #1 this activity to do. It had no instructions. It was so fun to watch him tinker around with the parts to see what he could creates. In the end, he created a "CD Player" with using a few other thing from around the house.
One of #1's classmates was in his camp group last year, so I'm hopeful that some more of his school friends will join him this year! If you'd like to join him also, click HERE to register and use code INNOVATE18 at checkout to receive $30 off your week! I hope I'll see some of you there!!!

Until next time!


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