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Shopping Cart Sensitivity


You know those giant red carts at Target - the ones that seat 3 kids and are really hard to come by???  Well, they are coveted by moms with more than one child. Like, we NEED those carts.  I have actually driven to Target with my kids, only to not see one in a corral in the parking lot, and leave.  It's SO HARD to get through a trip to any store when you have children.  Not having a seat for all the kids makes things infinitely more difficult. 

I follow a group of moms on Facebook who all have children less than 2 years apart (I have 3 children, all about 18 months apart).  I've seen this issue vented about SO MANY TIMES in that group - Moms who only have one child using the carts that are meant for 3 kids.  

Listen, I know the carts are fun for kids!  Something different.  But for moms like myself who have to shop with 3 kids (3 years old and under), we NEEEEEEEEEED those carts.  It's the only way to get through it!  I'm just putting this out there because I'm not sure parents are even aware that this would be an issue. But THE STRUGGLE IS REAL!!!  

So moms, if you're shopping with only one kid, can you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE leave those carts for the moms who have to shop with multiples? Pretty please??? You'll be saving us lots of stress (and possibly tears).

(Because I know this is an issue, soon I will be testing out a solution.  Be on the lookout!)



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