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Chalkola Chalk Markers Review


This item was sent to my for review by Chalkola 

Hi there,

I never knew chalk markers existed until Chalkola asked me to try their's out. Just in case you haven't heard of them either, chalk markers/pens are meant to give your art projects the look of chalk WITHOUT the dusty mess. 

These are seriously cool.  My kids LOVED them and have begged me to use them every. single. day. since we first tested them.

Here are some details about these chalk markers:

  • They are literally chalk, just in liquid form!
  • You can use them on NON-POROUS surfaces (white boards, chalk boards, glass, paper, labels, things like that)
  • They are water-based
  • They will dry and the ink will only be removed when you're ready for it to be removed.
  • They EASILY wipe clean with a damp cloth
  • They are meant for children 3 and over (I let my 4 year old son and 2 [she will be 3 next month] year old daughter test them. I stood right over them, so I had no safety concerns at all.)
I received three items to test:

First we tested the 15mm pens.  I let each child choose one color to experiment with.
To use the markers, you have to press the 
markers on a hard surface to activate the ink. 
We used them on white boards.  My kids love 
to write on white boards, so they were happy.
Once the ink was activated, they were really easy for the kids to write with.  But there was a little PROBLEM - they splash.
They splash everywhere.  Especially with excited kids who love shake things.  We had chalk ink everywhere - on the table top, on the floor, on the chairs, all over their clothes.  It was a mess.  The saving grace was that this ink wipes up SUPER EASY with just a damp cloth.
 Splatter on the table
 My son's hand afterward
My daughter's hand afterward
My son's shirt and arm after 
working with the 15mm marker
So, they are definitely not the neatest markers I've ever allowed my kids to use.  But like I said, they wipe up really really easily, so it wasn't that big of a deal.  The ink also washed right out of their clothes.  

After we cleaned up a bit, we tried the 6mm markers on the fancy labels.
We didn't spend too much time on this since the kids had no interest in writing anything.  They just wanted to scribble.  No big deal. But we tried it out, and the markers work nicely on the labels.  They leave a good vibrant color.  You just have to be careful no to shake the marker too much otherwise it could drop or splatter and mess up the label.
This is what the labels look like. Super cute designs!
As you can see, they just wanted to 
scribble, so we stopped this pretty quickly.  
These markers can be a bit messy, especially for little kids.  But once they are dry, they are DRY.  You can't rub the ink off, even on the white board.  Whatever you create with them will stay in tact until you use water to remove it.  My son was so excited because he drew a picture and it lasted for DAYS.  The only reason we ended up erasing it was because my daughter used a brown dry-erase marker and drew all over it.  He was really, really upset.
He told me what this animal was, but I don't remember.  Probably a tiger since he LOVES pretending he's a tiger these days LOL!
But like I said, this drawing lasted for days.

So all in all, I really like these markers!!!  And so do my kids.  They keep asking for me.  I've had to move them out of their reach because they kept trying to sneak them out of the craft drawers to use!!!  I just don't feel like cleaning up the mess.  But I told them that come summer time, we can take them outside with the white boards and they can use them whenever they want to.

I know the recommended age is 3+, but if your kids are like mine, I'd hold off until they are older. Unless you don't mind cleaning up ink splatter.  But for an older child and especially for an adult, these would be GREAT for any art project on any non-porous surface.

If you want to try them out for yourself, I added links above to each item.  And if I know you, you can just come to my house to try them out! LOL!  

Until next time,


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  1. What is the cost and how long did the package last you with two kids using it?

    1. Good questions. I updated the post with the cost.
      The pack of 8 neon color pens with 15mm - 3 in 1 nib & 28g ink (Retail for $19.95)
      80 - 3.2"x2" chalkboard labels in 7 fancy designs (Retail for $6.95)
      The pack of 10 neon color pens with 6mm bullet tip & 8g ink (Retail for $17.95)

      I only let them use them to test them out, so not sure how long they will last.

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. Chalk markers in liquid form? Looks nice. My kids especially when they were younger used to have all kinds of chalks and markers. That's what they do, they write, color and draw.

    Seeing how these featured chalk markers can make a mess though, I am concerned with the content of the marker as anything that touches the skin of the children, I would be wary of chemicals used.

    It would be great if the company provide material safety data sheet.

  4. Seems like a good gift material for nieces and nephews! I definitely enjoyed playing with various-colored chalks when I was little, and I've no doubt children now will enjoy these markers as well. It looks fun and can be helpful in developing art skills and creativity.

  5. My kids would absolutely go crazy over these! I think they look like a lot of fun. I hate the feel of chalk so this would be a great solution as long as I realized it would still be a messy event!

  6. This is super cool! I think this is what they use for chalkboard displays on restaurants. Anyway, we have a chalk marker too, but we only have white colored, thinner ones which are very plain. I hope they roll these Chalkola in our country too.I would love to put a chalkboard on my desk and just doodle when I get stressed.

  7. I didn't know about chalk markers either, well until I read this post. I think I would enjoy using it for my vision board!

  8. A liquid chalk? That's interesting. I have grown-up kids but this will surely will spice when used for corporate meetings and/or seminars.

  9. Wow! That liquid chalk is so cool! This is the only time I have heard of it. It's a good idea especially for those who have health conditions (like asthma) and may be allergic to the traditional chalk. I am just quite amused how people innovate stuff. :)

  10. I love the feel and the style of writing that a chalk can provide but this Chalk Markers are far more better than the conventional ones. Good to know that chalks are also available in pen-type ink form which is fantastic to use for any decorative project. Great also that I would not worry about my sinusitis problem and sensitive nose- never mind the mess since you said it cleans up easily. Nice post and the candid shots of the kids were amazing.

  11. Great for kids , and for parents aswell , as your furniture and walls be safe :) remember when my friend's little monster had painted all along the wall , with her permanent markers :) the colours were lovely , my friend did not like them as much as I did . I love that tiger :) Thanks for sharing !

  12. OMG That's the cutest tigger ever!!! Thanks for sharing with us. I think they're a little bit to messy for me, hehe

  13. Nice color crayons. I ordered a board from one of the best stationery wholesale websites. They are indeed the best. They also ensure child safety with every product for children. Their product quality and services are top-notch.