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Vacation Must Have - The Englacha 2-in-1 Junior X-Rider (R.I.P)

Hi there!

I'm slacking on my vacation must haves.  But my babe is sleeping so I'm gonna try to knock this one to really, really fast! (Edit - He woke up very soon after I typed that and it's midnight now LOL!)

My kids are all still small, and I like to go out a lot. I'm not comfortable with #1 walking everywhere on his own even though he's 4 years old. He doesn't always listen, he wanders off and he's FAST! So, I prefer that all of my kids have a seat to sit in when we need to walk into and around places. BUT, I'm not investing in a triple stroller. Navigating the world with a double-wide is hard enough! So, in comes the Englacha X-Rider.

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I came across this seat on Amazon while I was searching for the City Mini skateboard to use for our 3rd vacation to Disney World. I just HAD to have it! This attachable seat is compatible with most stroller brands.  Here are a few details:

This photo is from March, a few months after I got it.  This is the City Mini stroller.

  • Unique connector fits most prams and strollers including umbrella style and concealed brake style prams
  • Quick on and off connector makes it easy in use and adjustable in height and width
  • Storage strap convenient for keeping the rider in place when not in use
  • Cushioned wheels for extra comfort
  • Adjustable saddle seat for maximum comfort

My kids love this seat! There have been fights over who gets to sit in the "Big Boy/Girl Seat."  But, sadly, our seat met it's demise on our last trip to Florida. It was already on it's last legs after being checked on several flights and thrown in and out of my trunk (not at all carefully) and a stroller thrown on top of it daily. After the connector being bent badly (probably from that stroller thrown on it), and one of the trigger handles missing, the final blow came from a really rude man on the Disney World Monorail who forced his stroller in behind ours and it snapped a trigger. We just couldn't use it anymore.  We abandoned it (with permission) at the Orlando airport.  But I will be buying a new one soon!!!  I can't do without it!

 This seat was in bad shape.  The bolt that holds the 
seat on was missing.  The kids didn't mind because 
they could spin around and sometimes rode backwards.  
The snapped trigger.

There are a few downsides to this product.  It took me a bit to figure out the proper way to connect it - and it's not easy because it all has to be bolted together.  If you don't do it right, you have to grab your trusty wrench and undo it all.  And since every stroller is a different height, if you want to use it on multiple strollers you might have to disassemble it every time.  I used it on a City Mini and a City Select and had to change the height.   

Also, it will impede your stride.  On a double wide, it's not as difficult to use because you can  easily walk to one side.  On a single or tandem, it will get in your way.  But for me, the benefits outweigh the annoyance.

I absolutely recommend this product!  I can't do without it!  The only reason I haven't rushed to buy a new one is that I also have a Twoo.  But this seat is only compatible with a Bugaboo Donkey, which is my daily stroller.

This is my Bugaboo Donkey with the 
Skateboard and Twoo seat attached.  

I love this seat also!  But, the X-Rider is a far more practical option because it's compatible with lots of stroller types.  Had I known about it before, I would never have bought the Bugaboo Skateboard and the Twoo seat.  The Twoo seat has no back, handlebar or seatbelt.  It's not nearly as safe or comfortable for the kids at the X-Rider.  

Check out the X-Rider using the link above.  You really need to invest in this!

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  1. Wow! You've got to love technology! My kids are far apart in age. But if they were closer in age, I would have loved to have had this when they were younger. This would have made trips easier.

    1. It makes things so much easier! My oldest is a wild child. He NEEDS to be strapped down!

  2. I just love how all the cool stuff comes out YEARS AFTER I've given birth. I'm sure the newer moms are loving this!

    1. There are so many cool things that help make our lives easier! Some stuff is over the top, but I think this is super practical and for me it's NECESSARY!

  3. Great review! I believe it's very important for moms to understand their needs and their purchases so they won't regret their buys. Thanks for making it easier!