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The Shoe That Grows GIVEAWAY!!!

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Hi there!

It's been so long since I've posted! We've had so much going on, with he holidays, the kids being home from school and sickness. So. Much. Sickness. OMG, it's the WORST! But I have so much to catch up on and I'm excited to start with this post.

There have been a lot of terrible things happening around the world lately. So many people displaced, hurt and killed. It's all senseless and horrible. And I will admit that I am so uneducated on any of it. But after reading posts on Facebook about Syrian refugees (yes I'm fully aware that it's so sad that my main source is news is Facebook!), I've made a vow to myself to become more informed on world news and to also be more charitable. So, I'm so glad that The Shoe That Grows asked me to help them spread the word about their organization., a project run by Because International, is a charity that "makes things better by making better things." You can read all about either organization at the links above. But, over 2 billion people in the world suffer from soil-transmitted parasite diseases. The objective of The Shoe That Grows is to help children protect their feet. 

These amazing shoes GROW with your child!!! Before they contacted me, I'd actually already read about this project on The Huffington Post and I thought it was awesome! What a clever idea, right? Expandable shoes!!! 
Like I said, these shoes grow along with the child. They should last at least five years because the shoe grows five sizes. They come in two sizes - Small and Large. The small size fits kids from ages 5 - 9 and the large fits ages 10-14.  
Much like the popular shoe company Toms, The Shoe That Grows donate shoes with every purchase of shoes. But, different from Toms, however, they donate TWO pairs for each pair bought!

This photo is of my 4.25 year old wearing the size small.  He currently wears a toddlers' size 12 shoe, and you can clearly see that this shoe is a bit too big. So I assume this would be a great fit for a kids' size 1. Although, they did not flip off the back of his feet when he walked.
These shoes are an economical and environmentally friendly way to provide shoes to kids around the world as well as to your own. Shoes that last at least five years and are made of simple materials (leather, compressed rubber, and snaps) help prevent parasite diseases as well as help to reduce waste.
I'm so excited to have a pair of these shoes for my own child and will have him really give them a good testing this spring when it's not below freezing anymore! And I'm also excited that The Shoe That Grows have given me a 2nd pair of shoes to give away to one of YOU!!!!
This blue pair of The Shoe That Grows can be yours!  

Follow the link below to enter!  

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Each task will earn you an extra entry. Do one or do them all!  The more you complete, the more chances you'll have to win. I will choose the winner on 1/31/16 at 8:00pmCST (US and Canada ONLY).
Please share this post with all your family and friends so we can help spread the word about this awesome charity! And follow The Shoe That Grows on Social Media: 
And good luck to everyone that enters!  
Until next time,

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  1. So glad to see that this company is able to produce these shoes.

  2. Wow! so cool! I had no idea that this was even a thing! It warms my heart to see things like this! I would love to check out a pair!

  3. This look crazy cool! I love the innovative idea.

  4. These are pretty neat. I bet my little boy would love them.

  5. I like that they grow with children. Plus, they seem durable (unlike Toms which last at most a year).

    1. Yes! They are definitely solidly constructed, but still lightweight. I think they are a great design!

  6. I love the idea, is super nice to see companies helping the people in need.