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Auction Fun with TopHatter!

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These items were provided to me at a discount, but all opinions are my own.
Hi there!
I love an auction. I'm ALWAYS auctioning things on Facebook! It helps me clear out things I'm not using and also make a little cash back. 

I also like to buy things from auctions. And the lower the price the better!

So let me tell you about Tophatter.

Tophatter is the world's fastest, most entertaining marketplace, with live online auctions every day in a wide variety of categories.

The fun thing about this site? Each auction only lasts 90 SECONDS!!! So you have to be FAST!!!

And a lot of items have super low starting bids - as low as $1!

Would you believe I got all of the items in this photo for under $14 each???
This adorable turtle bracelet was only $8!  I won the auction for $1, shipping was $7.  I plan to give it to my daughter on her birthday! She will love it! 
This pretty ring - $13. I won the auction at $10 and shipping was $3.
This SmartWatch. $14!!!!!!! I won the auction at $10 and shipping was $4.

I've always wanted a smart watch!!! But I'm cheap, so $14 is a price that is just fine by me!!! I've linked it to my Samsung Galaxy S7, but I was only able to test out making phone calls - which worked just fine! But it says I need a SIM card in order to use the internet or take photos, so I need to visit my provider to see if I can make it work without paying extra fees. I'll keep you posted on how it works!  

There are all sorts of fun things up for fast auction on Tophatter! Jewelry, clothes, makeup - I've even seen those crazy charcoal masks up for auction!!!  
I'm going to keep an eye on this site. It's fun! Because the auctions are so short, there is always something new to see. And the rush of competing for an item - I just love that!

Check it out!  If you buy something, let me know!!! 

Until next time,


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