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Fun With My Mini with #VBxTarget

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Hi there!
My kids are work. But my girl is work plus DRAMA!!! OMG the tears. All. The. Time. But, we adore her, obviously. And one of my favorite things about my girl is that she's a real girly-girl.
She wants to wear a dress or costume every day; Loves having her nails painted; She tells me how to style her hair each morning (but cue drama as soon as the brush hits the slightest tangle!); She's ALWAYS in my lipstick. And I seriously LOVE IT!!! I've created a monster lol!
Luckily, my girly-girl is usually willing to be twinsies with mommy if I ask her to. I make no secret of the fact that I LOVE to dress her just like me. I've been doing it since she was a baby and I will keep doing it as long as she's willing! So I took full advantage of the Victoria Beckham for Target Collection since it had "Mommy and Me" pieces.
How cute are these matching bomber jackets??? The embroidery is so pretty. The color is so great for spring and this one can be dressed up or dressed down.
I really wanted to wear jeans, but of course she insisted on a dress. I had to choose something from her closet that I could easily match in mine. She just got the dress she's wearing from my mom for her birthday and I pulled this older, light chambray dress from Old Navy that I was reminded I had after my friend Joelle helped me clean out my closet a few days ago!
A bomber jacket is an easy addition to any outfit. I have a few, but I think they are all black lol! So I'm glad my girl and I have these to pull from our closets now. 

Sadly the adult jacket is sold out now, but the girls jacket is still available in sizes Small, Medium and Large

Until next time, 

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