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Hey 2018!!! And - Stage Mom Life

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Hi there!!!
This is actually my first blog post of 2018! I don't have any grand resolutions to proclaim. I never keep them anyway. But I can say 2017 was a really good year, and I'm hoping 2018 is just the same for my whole family.

I just figured I'd write a post about what I did today, because my #1 took some cute photos of my top for me and he had a pretty busy day himself.
Many of you know, my kids model occasionally. They all have an agent and have worked for local Midwest brands such as Kohl's and Sears. They don't get called often, but that's ok. But I try to take any opportunities they are offered because obviously I think my kids are the cutest in the whole world LOL!
Today #1 booked a job modeling HOSPITAL GOWNS. It was not what I was expecting. He wasn't either. And let me tell you he was NOT happy when he put the first gown on LOL! He said it looked like a dress. 
He went into his shoot with a BAD attitude.
I had to remind him that he was being paid to be there and to keep telling the crew he wasn't having fun was disrespectful. I also explained to him WHY child-size hospital gowns are needed. He is a really empathetic child, and when he heard that there are sick kids who look for gowns like the ones he was modeling as a little bit of happiness for them during their hospital stay, he straightened out. He's really the best kid.
He did a great job. They actually loved his wild ways, and let him pose however he wanted.
So after we left, I asked him to earn an extra pack of fruit snacks by snapping some shots of my top for my blog. Of course he did a great job, as always. This red top from Eloquii is available now for under $17! And there is a burgundy version that is on sale for 40% off if you use the code DAY2!!! So get to shopping!!!
Why on earth would I use another photographer??? He has the most reasonable rates ever! All he asks for as compensation is CANDY LOL!!!
 I'm actually thinking of giving him his own camera and starting him an Instagram of his own! He's really a phenomenal child. He always gives his all when he's given a task. We could all take lessons in hard work from this kid!
We took these shots in the parking lot of a townhouse sub-division. That building in the background is the nursing home where his photo shoot took place.

After we'd already arrived home, I got a voicemail from his agent telling me that we'd forgotten his backpack at the shoot. Which was in Milwaukee. 1.5 hours from our house. It was too late to go back, even though he asked me to. He really wanted his favorite National Geographic books that were inside. But he knows he just has to be patient. I'll get it back for him as soon as possible.

I always say this, but I'll try to blog more!!! I just find that I have a hard time getting posts done when I have so many other responsibilities. But, I will TRY!!

Until next time!


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