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Ver- Sigh.

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Hi there!
So listen - I'm usually a very non-confrontational person. I have to really be pushed to my limits to yell at an elder or a stranger. So, I've honestly surprised myself with the number of people I've yelled at on this trip.  From being spit on (accidentally - maybe???), to cutting in lines to having not so secret photos taken of me (yes, AGAIN!!!) People are so disrespectful!!! But despite the rude people and a TWO HOUR WAIT to get into Versailles, we had a very nice day.
Has anyone else waited this long to get into Versaille??? We went on our last trip here and I don't think we waited at all! And we went in July, so it's not that we went in a different season. Our kids were absolute troopers during the wait. They've honestly been amazing this whole trip.  We are super proud of them!
Versaille was underwhelming today. It was difficult to enjoy the palace because it was so crowded and hot.
The gardens  were super fun for the kids though. Renting a row boat was probably the highlight for the kids.
My poor mom got stung by a bee. They were out in full force. I'm glad it wasn't one of the kids!
My top is from SheIn! Blog post to come when I get home! These cute pants are from Target. They are linked below 😘
Whatever made me think it was a smart idea to start writing a blog post at 1am, I have no idea. So I'm going to bed!

Until next time,


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