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Back to Work!

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Hi there! 

I've been back to my part time job for about a month now, but we've been able to be casual up until now. Back to dressy days! These pants are now on sale for UNDER $13! Find them here - 

It's odd being at work over the summer. I'm so used to being with my kids trying to keep them entertained all day. But now that responsibility is with my husband. I feel bad for him - it's such a hard time to be with the kids because they can't go ANYWHERE!  I've been buying as many activities as I can find for them, but many things are sold out. We sold out swing set, so they don't even have that to play on now. But thankfully they have 2 inflatable pools and a slip 'n slide to work with. 
I'm going to try to post more regularly here. Please check back and also let me know the things you'd like to see! I miss blogging! Hopefully I can keep up with it now!

Until next time,

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