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Long time, no outfit post!

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 Hi there!

I had a fun day at the mall today with my daughter, my friend Meghan and her daughter, Cora. I did not realize that I have not taken my daughter on a shopping day like today EVER. Like, we've been to the mall, but it's always with a specific purpose and we are in and out.  We've never just, wandered - going from store to store looking around. Especially since COVID. I do almost all of my shopping online - clothes included. Especially for the kids (SheIn, anyone???)

She'd never been to a makeup counter. She had no idea how to test perfumes! My husband said malls are for suburban people - we don't have malls in the city, really.  But I grew up loving going to the mall and I felt bad she's never really had that experience. I'm going to make a point of taking her more often because she left really happy. And with a lot of stuff! Maybe I'll tell her to do a haul lol

I've been getting a crazy number of compliments on these glasses.  I've worn them every day this week and am obsessed! I have linked them HERE.

My blazer is also a winner! So fun to dress up or down. And I never turn down a puffed sleeve! Ever! Check it out HERE.

Until next time, 


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