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Dose of Colors Liquid Lipstick Review and Swatches

Hi there!

There are a ton of brands on Instagram that are super popular with "Makeup Gurus."  I haven't taken many of them seriously before now, but I'm starting to pay a bit more attention.  Until now, the only Instagram-popular brands I've given a true try are Huda Beauty and Anastasia Beverly Hills. But, I'm starting to branch out and have recently given Dose of Colors a try.

I've seen a billion swatches of these colors on IG, but never considered trying them myself. I'm just too cheap to pay shipping LOL! But one day, while scrolling through my feed, I saw a post on their IG that a few of their most popular shades were back in stock, so I thought - ya know what? I'm just gonna try them! I ordered them immediately and now I'm OBSESSED!!!!!!

I wanted to do swatches but had to wait until I get my mustache removed LOL!!!  So here they are:
Top Left - Mood
Top Right - Cork
Bottom Left - Stone
Left to Right - Mood, Cork and Stone
What I LOVE about these Matte Liquid Lipsticks is the STAYING POWER! They don't wear off.  Like, at all.  And they aren't nearly as drying as the Anastasia brand! When I wear the Anastasia Liquid Lipsticks, I feel like all the moisture has been sucked out of my lips and I have to apply lip balm to stop feeling so dehydrated. The Dose of Colors lipsticks don't feel that way.  On Sunday I wore Stone for literally 12 hours, never reapplied and it was perfect.  I ate and drank and lived life normally and never even gave the lip color a thought.  It had to be removed at the end of the night with makeup remover - it didn't go ANYWHERE.  How amazing is that?!?!?! And I lost track of the number of compliments I received when wearing Mood around NYC.  Three separate MUAs in Sephora on 5th Ave. asked me what I was wearing!  It's an amazing, every day shade.

So, I'm addicted and I will be buying more colors.  If you give theem a try, let me know what you think!!!

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  1. I picked up Mood, Chocolate Wasted, and Stone when the first two were released, and fell in love!!! Stone is a "my lips but better" color for me, so it's Holy Grail in my book. I'm about to order Truffle and glosses before they sell out.

  2. Stone is such an awesome color! I'll check out Chocolate Wasted and Truffle asap!