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The Glam Mom Tests: RED by Kiss Edge Straightener

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Hi there!

If you've been following this blog for a while, then you may know that I have suffered from a bit of hair loss at my hair line.  My dermatologist told me that it was Traction Alopecia. I stopped wrapping my hair at night to keep pressure off my hairline and started using men's Rogaine to help the problem. It didn't work. But, since having my 3rd baby, the hair I'd lost years ago started to grow back, which is a HUGE blessing.  But it's also been a bit of a curse because those new hairs stand up all over the place and don't stay straight.  I've been using edge control gels since the fall, but they leave my hair feeling a bit goopy and I just don't love the result.
Look how straight my edges are!!! This is a big deal!
But, on a trip to a beauty supply store with my mom in New Jersey, I discovered this AWESOME tool - the RED by Kiss Edge Straightener.  It's AMAZING!!!!!!  It gets my edges looking so smooth! I LOVE it!!!  I made a video to show you how well it works.  So have a look and let me know what you think!

Here are a few more details about the straightener

  • ⅜” Ceramic EDGE Straightener, innovation at its best. Style, straighten, or lift close to the hair line without burning the scalp
  • Ceramic barrel with Heat-Resistant protection, get right to the root
  • Safe to use at home yet powerful enough for professionals
  • Child Safe: No Need for Hot Stove, Stress-Free Glide, no more tears
  • The perfect tool for the perfect weave: Smooth out CLOSURES effortlessly, Lay down FRAYS on your tracks, blend track hair with your natural hair
  • Variable Heat Settings up to 450°F
  • Safety stand
  • Swivel Cord with hanging loop
  • Limited One Year No-Hassle Warranty

And if you decide you want to try one, here is an affiliate link to the 1/2" version from Amazon

red by kiss edge straightener

Until next time!


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