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Little Luxe List Launch and Bundle Organics Introduction

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Hi there,

A few weeks ago my friend Teka and I attended the Little Luxe List Launch Party at DL Loft and it was super, super cute!
The idea behind Little Luxe List is REALLY clever and preggo moms will LOVE it!!!
Little Luxe List Founder, Yanira Garza
The founder, Yanira Garza, was pregnant with her 3rd child and her friends wanted to throw her a Sprinkle (a mini shower for a mom who already has children and doesn't need a full-blown baby shower). But, she didn't want to register at a big box baby store as she already had all the BIG baby necessities.  She just wanted cute, more specialty-like items for baby #3. But, not every store has a baby registry option. And, even if it did, how would she keep track and share items she wanted from all different stores? Well, that's where Little Luxe List comes in. Yanira and her team will help you develop a dream baby registry!
The party was held at DL Loft. This place is so cute!  Can't wait to do a shoot here!
First, you fill out a questionnaire. Yanira and her team will hand-pick 10-15 items that NEED to be on your registry based on your answers. From there, you can start to add items yourself.  Want a hand-made big you saw on Etsy? ADD IT! Want a cute onsie from H&M? ADD IT!  You are free to add items from all over the web and Little Luxe List will combine it all into one list that you can easily share with family and friends. The items you choose will be linked so they can shop for you straight from the web. How clever is that???

I would have loved this for my 2nd baby shower!!!  There are only so many onsies from Carters a mom really wants her baby to wear.  But baby clothes from Zara or H&M??? Bedding from The Lad of Nod??? I would have LOVED to have an option to add that to my registry!
More shots around DL Loft, because I was kind of obsessed with the place!
We were also introduced to Bundle Organics. Bundle Organics has created safe to sip teas and juices for pregnant mamas. Since pregnant women aren't supposed to consume herbal teas or non-pasteurized juices, Bundle produces a line of organic, caffeine and herb-free teas as well as prenatal juices that. are packed with organic fruits and veggies with an extra bump of essential vitamins for baby’s healthy development. The juices are pasteurized so you can sip worry-free. I tried the Orange-Carrot-Berry-Ginger juice and it was GOOD!!!  
The teas come in 3 versions - Nausea Relief, Pregnancy Wellness and Lactation Support. I grabbed a few of the Pregnancy Wellness teabags, but haven't tried them yet.  I have no doubt they will taste very good!    

So, check out Little Luxe List and share it with your preggo friends so they can register for some FAB baby gear asap! And if you see Bundle Organics in your nearby Babies R Us or Buy Buy Baby, grab some to try!

Let me know if you have any questions!


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