Christmas Caroling in LuLaRoe Elegance from my Tracey Baker and The Hippie Chicks | The Glam Mom

Christmas Caroling in LuLaRoe Elegance from my Tracey Baker and The Hippie Chicks

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Hi there!

Unless you're new to my blog, then you know that I am a HUGE LuLaRoe lover! I wear something LuLaRoe at least once a week - if not more. And, no joke, I have like 8 pieces from the Elegance Collection and I am still on the lookout for more! 

One of the pieces I have is a size Large Black Sparkle Carly that was gifted to me by LuLaRoe Tracey Baker and I was SO EXCITED to wear it!!!
My friends Joelle and Adrienne helped me organize a Christmas Caroling gig at a cocktail lounge called Ward Eight. It was SO FUN to finally sing again!  It'd been YEARS since I sang out anywhere and I'd really missed it.  And what is better for a performance than SPARKLES!?!??!!  Basically nothing. You saw Mariah on NYE right??? hehe :) 
I LOVED seeing Carly belted with a petticoat, so I ordered 2 for the performance - black and white.

My plan had been to wear the black petticoat and my red belt.  Only, the night before the performance when I was getting everything ready I couldn't find my red belt!!! So instead, I opted for a black skinny belt and a red scarf.  I felt I needed some red since it was a Christmas show and all.  
I still haven't found my red belt.  But I did want to see what this Carly would look like with the white petticoat.  So I just wore it again!  And, to be honest.  I'll wear it again and again.  I LOVE it!
The show went great and my dress was PERFECT and I was so happy with every aspect of the night. Even the freaking snow storm that started 2 hours before the show didn't mess up my mood.  We had a great time and put on, what I think, was a great show.  HUGE THANK YOU to Joelle and Adrienne for all the work they did!  Hopefully we'll have another show soon!  

And another HUGE THANK YOU to Tracey for this beautiful dress!  Make sure you join her groups!!! She has two:

LuLaRoe Tracey Baker

and she has partnered with a teammate to offer buyers even more inventory to choose from! Follow them at:

Shopping With The Hippie Chicks

Also, don't forget to follow her on IG - @LuLaRoeTraceyBaker

Feel free to share your LuLaRoe Elegant Looks with me!!! I LOVE to see how people 'Roe!

Until next time,


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