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Yawning in Yellow

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Hi there!

Lately I haven’t been sleeping much. I’m usually on 5-6 hours of sleep the last few months. And let’s not forget wake-ups. I sleep with a toddler most nights and you know how that goes - tossing and turning, kicking me in the face, stealing my blanket and eventually I end up at the very edge of the bed.  

I’ll be honest - I wouldn’t change it. Now that #3 is 2 years old, I try to hold on to every little thing. All the things I found annoying with my first two kids, I don’t really mind with him. I’ve said it before - since he’s my last, I’m not going to get these things again. So, fine, kick me in the face. I’ll gladly take it.

But today I was feeling extra, extra tired. I’m up at 6:30 every day to get my oldest ready for school, but usually the other two will sleep for a bit longer so I can climb back into bed and rest for a bit longer. But the last 2 days, #2 and #3 were up with me and full of energy. Me, with my 1am bedtime - not so much.

So to energize myself, I decided to wear something a little extra fun. For me, clothes and makeup are where I find energy. Coffee does nothing for me! 
I reached WAAAAAAAY back into my closet and pulled this this neon yellow sweater from Gap. It was just the thing to bring out a little energy. I paired it with a collared shirt from Forever 21, because a cable knit sweater over a button-down is pretty classic. But I thought the bright color and the little black necktie gave this a little something extra.  

My hair was a mess. I’m getting it done tomorrow! So I tossed in 3 clip-in extensions and pulled it into a bun. I LOVE extensions for extra volume! 
I’m still SO FREAKING TIRED! And my husband is out for the night. Ugh. But at least I look decent. People seem to think I have a ton of energy in general. But I’ve gotten pretty good at faking it.

Until next time!


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